A Discovery of Witches (All Souls, #1)

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Upon spotting this book in a soon-to-be-closed Borders store, I was instantly captivated. The description sounded intriguing and the opening pages were expertly written. Despite the considerable discount, I paused, and instead checked the book out from the library.

The book begins with the promising introduction of Diana Bishop, a distinguished history scholar and professor, who is also a repressed witch, tea aficionado, rower, and yoga enthusiast. When Diana accidentally calls forth a magical text that seems to be wanted by every witch, vampire, and daemon in the world, her chip on her shoulder concerning her own magic leads her to send the text back to the stacks, making it seemingly impossible for anyone to find it.

This behavior does not sit well with Diana’s fellow magical beings. As a result, they start an around-the-clock stalking campaign in the hope that Diana will return the manuscript. Matthew Clairmont, an early stalker and vampire, is particularly troublesome. Diana is rightly suspicious and apprehensive of him; he follows her everywhere and even invades her apartment, watching her sleep.

Diana and her newfound love decide to join forces to protect her from the dangerous stalkers she has encountered. With their newfound love, the plot of the novel disappears and Diana is thrust into a world where she develops Stockholm Syndrome and the need to be protected from all the potential threats she faces. The couple must now use their combined strength to ensure Diana’s safety from her many pursuers.

At first, I thought that this book was going to be an intelligent Twilight for grown-ups–the main character wasn’t helpless, thought for herself, didn’t immediately adore her bloodsucking, murderous stalker or find his abusive behavior endearing, and didn’t seem interested in losing her entire identity to the first good-looking guy who wanted to eat her. A r

Despite Diana’s ever increasing capabilities as a witch, she must be constantly rescued and protected by Matthew. Even as she continues to develop her magical abilities, she relies on Matthew to keep her safe.

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Matthew is an obnoxious individual who is an adherent of the idea of “pack mentality” which is unfortunately seen too often in paranormal romance books. To ensure that readers looking for urban fantasy do not get a surprise, it is necessary for the genre to be labeled better. Matthew’s expectations of Diana to obey him as her husband and his tendency to become violent if she does not comply are inexcusable. His sexist attitude and potentially murderous temper should not be overlooked or accepted.

The past seemed gray and cold without Matthew. And the future promised to be much more interesting with him in it. No matter how brief our courtship, I certainly felt bound to him. And, given vampires’ pack behavior, it wasn’t going to be possible to swap obedience for something more progressive, whether he called me “wife” or not.

Apparently, Diana is perfectly content with Matthew’s decision to marry her without even informing her first. Despite her earlier affirmations of female autonomy and independence, she has accepted the situation without any qualms.

I have a theory that a lot of the current, noxious crop of vampire-themed “romance” is a symptom of a cultural backlash against feminism. Once you strip away the paranormal aspect of novels like “A Discovery of Witches” and its stunted and even more vile cousin “Twilight”, you are left with stories about abusive, manipulative men who systematically isolate and dominate the female objects of their obsession. The women’s identities are subsumed into the men’s as the women’s lives come to revolve completely around the men, while the men suffer no such mutilation of self–they simply gain an empty, mindlessly adoring, woman-shaped appendage, which is all that is left of the women by the end of the stories. Without the trappings of vampire and/or werewolf hierarchy (always patriarchal, of course), what you’re left with is an authorial “boys will be boys!” with an underlying message that submission to the (patriarchal) hierarchy is necessary both to achieve happiness and to avoid violence at the hands of the vampires/werewolves/abusive boyfriends/husbands who j.

Even putting aside the issue of the horrible, horrible underlying message in this book, it still has nothing much to offer. Pages and pages are devoted to describing stilted, “romantic” conversations that fall flat, how Diana exercises, what she eats, what wine they drink, how long she sleeps, what’s in her tea, how great their yoga class was, bla bla bla ad infinitum. A little detail here and there is flavor, too much is encyclopedic and boring. Most of the action takes place off-screen while Diana sleeps, or waits, or sleeps and waits. Diana goes from being subject to object almost the very moment that she decides that Matthew, despite being a deadly creature who has been stalking her, might not be so bad after all, and takes little action for the rest of the book except to travel back and forth from Matthew’s vampire mother’s castle (yes, really) in France (which she comes to think of as her home alarmingly quickly) and her aunt’s magical house in

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EAmerica, particularly New England, no longer appears to be special enough for her. She needs something more.

Diana gets kidnapped and tortured, but is eventually rescued by Matthew. Meanwhile, new characters arrive late in the story, including Sophie, a pregnant daemon born of witches. The author often reminds the reader that Sophie is expecting, as she rubs her belly with what appears to be pregnant serenity. Sophie’s pregnancy will soon bring forth a witch baby, a development that the author keeps emphasizing.

Diana uses her powerful witchy time-travel magic to transport herself and Matthew to the past, as witches were more powerful in days gone by. She needs more powerful witches than those available in the current world to help her reach her full Mary Sue potential.

In all fairness, I must admit that I was charmed by the magical house of the aunts, which could almost be said to have been a character of its own. Fortunately, this was the only part of the book that was not filled with endless, unnecessary details or plagiarized from other works.

The author of this book is a skilled writer with a talent for storytelling. However, the book could have been improved with some honest, thorough editing. Instead, it received more hype and marketing. It’s disappointing to see that there was potential in the book, yet it was cut open and artificially inflated with a dull, problematic romance. Despite the fact that the book is marked as part of a trilogy on the bottom of the front inside jacket cover, I can’t imagine wanting to read any further.

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In brief: I am taking a break to compose an unimaginative, yet clandestine, vampire novel that is masqueraded as a book about witches. If you are looking for me, you will find me laughing as I make my way to the bank.

Frequently asked questions

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1. What is the genre of A Discovery Of Witches book?

A Discovery Of Witches is a historical fantasy novel.

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Video Description

Diana first finds the missing pages of the book of life and then the book of life and completes the book and accesses the power of the book of life.n#ADiscoveryOfWitches #ADiscoveryOfWitchesDiana #DianaBishop #Witch

2. Who is the author of A Discovery Of Witches book?

The author of A Discovery Of Witches is Deborah Harkness.

3. How many books are in the All Souls Trilogy?

The All Souls Trilogy consists of three books: A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life.

4. Is there a movie adaptation of A Discovery Of Witches book?

Yes, there is a movie adaptation of A Discovery Of Witches book released in 2018.

5. Is A Discovery Of Witches book suitable for young readers?

No, A Discovery Of Witches book is not suitable for young readers due to its mature themes.

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