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8 Best breakfast in Detroit Must-Try

There are tons of lists about the best breakfast and brunch places in metro Detroit. We’ve even published our own. But now we want to talk about our favorite breakfast dishes in The D. The ones you wake up for extra early on a Saturday because you’ve been thinking about it all week. The ones that all your friends can’t stop talking about. The ones that you have to post to Instagram because they look that good.

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A bloody mary from Vivio’s

Yes a bloody mary counts as breakfast, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Vivio’s bloody mary is voted the best in Detroit year after year, and for good reason. The Detroiter Bloody Mary is fully loaded with bacon, lettuce, asparagus, provolone, sausage, pickles, a hard boiled egg and a beer chaser. You won’t be ordering any food afterwards.

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A paczki from New Palace Bakery or New Martha Washington bakery

If you’re not from metro Detroit, you may not be familiar with the paczki – a dense Polish donut filled with fruit or cream. But just one of these tasty treats is enough to be considered breakfast. They are most popular around Fat Tuesday, but New Palace Bakery and Martha Washington Bakery in Hamtramck serve them year round. Beat the crowds and go any time of the year!

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Spiced eggs with tzatziki from Ochre Bakery

Ochre Bakery was named one of the best new restaurants of 2019 by Bon Appetit magazine, and we couldn’t agree more. Their spiced eggs with tzatziki are on the menu most of the time (although it frequently rotates), and they are full of flavors you didn’t even know existed. We also recommend a slice of their lemon pistachio loaf from the bakery counter. Maybe order a second one to-go, too.


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Duck bop hash from Dime Store

One of downtown’s favorite spots for brunch has a one of a kind menu, but their duck bop hash is something you can’t get anywhere else. With house-confit duck, spinach, onion, bulgogi, pickled veggies and sriracha, this hash may bring you to literal tears.

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Big Red at Kuzzo’s

A red velvet waffle PLUS fried chicken? And topped with bourbon maple syrup?! If that sounds like a dream come true, that’s because it is. Kuzzo’s has all kinds of chicken and waffle combos, but this one is the most unique and a local favorite.

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Chunky Monkey pancakes from Hudson Cafe

Delicious, buttermilk pancakes layered with caramel, white chocolate chips and banana. You’ll want to share this dish with your friends. Hudson Cafe is an iconic Detroit breakfast spot right on Woodward Avenue near Campus Martius. If you eat outside, you can watch the construction at the old Hudson’s site.

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Build-your-own bloody mary and mimosa bar at Bobcat Bonnie’s

Bobcat Bonnie’s has expanded from their original Corktown location to Ferndale, Wyandotte and Partridge Creek mall. Luckily, they took their build-your-own bloody mary and mimosa bar concept with them. For just $3, you can load up your bloody mary with whatever hot sauces and toppings you want, or select your fruit juice and fruit toppings for your mimosa. Does anything sound better than that?

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  • How do you get around Detroit?
  1. Light-Rail/Streetcar Systems.
  2. Bike Share/Rental.
  3. Bus Services.
  4. Limo/Car Share/Taxi Services.
  5. Shuttle Services.
  6. Train.
  7. Scooters.
  • Is Detroit good for travel?
It’s the best city in America for business travel Detroit Metropolitan Airport is just a 90-minute flight away or less than 60% of the US population. The city is also home to more than 36,000 hotel rooms, like the largest downtown hotel rooms, the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Centre.
  • Do you need a car to visit Detroit?
Back to town, With the addition of the QLine and Detroit Bike Share programs, The D has been designated a car-free getaway for urban travelers by The New York Times.
  • Is there public transportation in Detroit?
Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) is the provider. Largest means of public transport. in Michigan serving the city of Detroit, surrounding suburbs, and nearby towns including Highland Park and Hamtramck. DDOT prides itself on providing reliable, clean, safe and efficient service.
  • Can you get around Michigan without a car?
For those without a car, Greyhound buses provide the most convenient way to travel between cities in Michigan. Cheap and frequent routes cover most areas of the state, from where you can rent a car to get around locally.
  • How do I get from Detroit airport to downtown?
There are two options for your transportation from Detroit Airport to downtown; you can take a taxi or private vehicle, which takes 25 minutes or the SMART bus, which takes 50 minutes.
  • Does Detroit have a train station?
Detroit has a rich, layered history that makes it one of the most multi-tiered cities in the Midwest. Amtrak station is located in New Center, northwest of downtown and cultural district.
  • Is LYFT available in Detroit?
Lyft is available at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. The app helps you navigate local airports and shows you where to pick up, where to drop off and where to wait for requests.
  • How many days do you need in Detroit?
Three days is enough for you to explore Detroit and see the highlights. But chances are, after 72 hours in Detroit, you’ll want to come back! When you arrive, there’s a lot to see.
  • What is the best time to visit Detroit?
May to September is the best time to visit according to the weather when warm temperatures and summer sunshine encourage visitors to get out and explore. Fall and spring are milder, but still pleasant enough to be outdoors.

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