13 Spots for the Best Breakfast in Seattle

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“13 Spots for the Best Breakfast in Seattle”
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Talking about 5 must try Seattle Restaurants today that serve some of the best breakfast in Seattle!

Bakery Nouveau
Photograph: Clare Barboza, Courtesy Bakery Nouveau

Find fluffy pancakes, giant biscuits, breakfast burritos and more at these spots serving the best breakfast in Seattle

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Naomi Tomky

Seattleites are on the move from dawn to dusk, filling free time with all the amazing things to do in the city. While for some a quick stop in a coffee shop for a good dose of (deliciously-rendered) caffeine is enough, others might want something a little more substantial. Locals tend to be health conscious in general here, but when you’re talking about breakfast, you might as well go all in. To get going with a full meal at the start of the day, here’s where to find the best breakfast in Seattle.

Like Seattle’s best restaurants, these breakfast spots serve dishes influenced by the city’s many diverse cultures. You can find classic diner fare, Parisian petit-déjeuner, hearty Southern classics, breakfast burritos and bagels. Biscuits are a big thing too—tasty and portable for an on-the-go lifestyle. Breakfast can mean stacks of pancakes, savory scrambles, sweet french toast or delicate pastries. Whether you’re fueling up or indulging, these Seattle breakfast spots will do the trick. Don’t worry about an extra pancake or pat of butter, you can always walk it off by visiting Seattle’s best parks and attractions.

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1. The Fat Hen

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Located on one of Seattle’s best eating streets—alongside plant-based ice cream company Frankie & Joe’s, Rosellini’s Bakery and Delancey for pizza—this Italian-influenced spot turns out stunning egg bakes served in sizzling skillets, thick toast spread lushly with ricotta, and Benedicts topped with local seafood. The lines get long, but house-made pastries and fresh-squeezed juices will wipe away any memory of the wait. 

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2. Le Pichet

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Though this bistro lives within the bounds of Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, it feels like stepping into a Parisian café. The simple, elegant breakfasts—from a half baguette with butter to house-made yogurt with honey and walnuts—are served overlooking Elliott Bay while ferry boats roam to and fro. Oh, and the coffee is oh-so-good.

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3. Biscuit Bitch

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Farm-to-table? Try “trailer park-to-table”. That’s the sassy vibe Biscuit Bitch is going for. Their straight-up “big ass biscuits” are sure to please on their own, customizeable and topped with a secret recipe gravy. Otherwise go for house faves like the Hot Mess Bitch (cheddar, grits, two eggs, a grilled Louisiana Hot Link and pickled jalapeños) or a Sausage Bitchwich.

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4. Glo’s

This iconic greasy spoon in Capitol Hill is the best place to get an omelette the morning after a long night out. They serve an eggs benedict variation for every mood, and stacks of buttermilk pancakes can’t be beat. Even vegetarians have it make with the creamy vegatarian mushroom gravy.


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5. Super Six

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The women behind Marination Mobile gained fame for their Hawaiian-Korean taco truck and they’re now onto the next big thing. At this sprawling former auto shop, they put down roots and add a little Northwest spirit into the mix: along with malasada (doughtnuts), expect Spam sandwiches, chicken and waffles with Hong Kong cake, haupia syrup and a “Big Blue” (named after their original truck)—sautéed kale, kimchi hollandaise and brioche bun.

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Seattle Biscuit Company
Photograph: Courtesy Seattle Biscuit Company

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6. Seattle Biscuit Company

Like a brand-new biscuit pulled from the oven, this brick-and-mortar location of the food truck popped up in Fremont, white as flour. The adorable spot serves the same fluffy biscuits that gained fame on the truck—now within the subway-tiled walls, on grandma’s old dishes, by the fryer and the bar. Sit down for a fried chicken biscuit sandwich, Beecher’s cheese grits and a Tang mimosa.

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7. Geraldine’s Counter

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French toast is the name of the game at this Columbia City spot. It’s always a delicious choice, with toppings changing daily. Classics like pancakes, omelettes, scrambles and biscuits and gravy are worthy choices too.

Bakery Nouveau
Photograph: Clare Barboza, Courtesy Bakery Nouveau

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8. Bakery Nouveau

It’s impossible not to get a little Willy Wonka-like when stepping into Bakery Nouveau (especially the flagship Burien location), with its shelves full of French breads, rainbows of macarons and chocolate in the case, and the smell of fresh-baked morning pastries wafting from the oven. Whether it’s a sweet signature twice-baked almond croissant or savory junction croissant with scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, cheddar and béchamel, the baking here is literally gold-medal winning—in the 2005 World Cup of Baking, of course.

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9. Taco Street

The convenient thing about Taco Street’s location, directly across from Othello Station, is that you could stop by straight from the airport, which isn’t a terrible idea: you won’t find a better breakfast taco in the state. The fresh tortillas, deep flavors from chiles imported from the owner’s Chihuahua hometown, and colorful salsa bar make this quick-serve spot an ideal pause on your journey into town.

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10. El Moose

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Just steps from Ballard’s cool kids nightlife scene, fancy restaurants and Sunday farmers’ market, the line snakes out the door of this awesome spot. The dishes served here cover all of Mexico in a single menu, each one labeled with the state from which it hails. Diners can choose from Zacatecan machaca con huevos, sopes con platanos from Nayarit, or Oaxacan entomadas, but there are no wrong answers when you wash it all down with a horchata latte.

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11. Voula’s Offshore Cafe

It doesn’t get any more classic diner than this: set up on the shore of Lake Union, this café has been feeding fishermen the kind of hearty breakfast that starts the day with a jolt (or was that a heart attack?) for decades. While there are fewer fishermen today than in the ‘50s, when the spot first opened, you can still expect big crowds to kick around for the Greek hobo scramble, plate-sized pancakes and three-egg mix of “Smokey the salmon.”

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12. Portage Bay Cafe

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Seasonal, sustainable, and locally-sourced ingredients make this breakfast spot with four locations a standout. Hearty egg benedicts range from classic to carnitas to dungeness crab cake. Other hearty options inlclude a tasty breakfast hash and a mole verde burrito. Don’t miss the breakfast bar where you can customize your pancakes and french toast with a range of delightful toppings.

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13. Westman’s Bagel and Coffee

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The name hides this tiny stall’s true specialty: when the door rolls up and the four yellow stools are set out, this spot is the only game in town for a New York-style bacon-egg-and-cheese on a roll. Just like the bodega-made, except made with local eggs and a house-made roll. It makes sense that a place preparing this platonic ideal of a hangover-killing specialty sits just steps from the best nightlife-neighborhood in town, Capitol Hill.

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Talking about 5 must try Seattle Restaurants today that serve some of the best breakfast in Seattle!

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