The 15 Absolute Best Breakfast Restaurants In America

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“The 15 Absolute Best Breakfast Restaurants In America”

A time capsule of post-war dining, Hamburg Inn No. 2 is America pressed and served with hashbrowns.

Renowned as not only the oldest family-owned restaurant in Iowa, but Hamburg also totes a rather presidential clientele. Diners include former Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama -– all of which could agree Hamburg serves up an exceptional breakfast at a reasonable price. And with the “Presidential Breakfast” starting at just under $12, even the Chief of State can afford to splurge on extra bacon.

Not only a destination for hand-shakers and baby-kissers, the “Burg” is known to the locals for a morning meal served all day without pretense. So much so, in true Iowan fashion, when asked why nothing has been changed at Hamburg Inn since 1935, owner Michael Lee stated, “Why would I change anything?” 

Those starting their morning off right know that the first thing on the menu is Hamburg’s “World Famous Pie Shake,” which unabashedly features a slice of your choice of pie thrown into a milkshake and blended into a thick, oh-so-wicked shake. Is it the perfect way to wash down a big greasy meal? If you want to eat one of the best breakfasts in America, then yes.

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