The 15 best burgers in San Antonio-New Braunfels area

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“The 15 best burgers in San Antonio-New Braunfels area”

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Our burger scene has outgrown a mere Top 10 list, so here are the 15 best from local burger joints in and around San Antonio.

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By Mike Sutter | April 15, 2021 | Updated: April 15, 2021 4:40 PM

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15. Burger Boy: Double Boy with cheese

They call it the Working Man, about 8 bucks for a combo with a double cheeseburger, fries and an Orange Freeze, if you’re doing it right. And this is a working man’s burger, with a toasty bun, shredded lettuce and lots of mustard and onions. It’s not pretty, but it’s so fast, so affordable, so good and so San Antonio.

Address: multiple locationsWebsite:

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14. Tycoon Flats: Chicken-Fried Bacon Burger

What’s better than bacon? Bacon that’s battered and deep-fried. It adds crunch, smoke and fatty euphoria to an already solid burger at a place where the patio lifestyle thrives. Then they add cream gravy and cheese, like getting a margarita with an extra shot of tequila.

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Address: 2926 N. St. Mary’s St.Phone:210-320-0819Website:

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13. Pumpers: The #1

Death metal, naked ladies and candied jalapeños with a name I won’t repeat. Pumpers is the embodiment of the punk-rock attitude Bowers brings to all his cooking distilled to its essence: beef smashed hard, crunchy and juicy on the grill, white picnic buns, your basic onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup, served only for a few hours — noon to sold out — on Sundays at the most unwound wine bar on the St. Mary’s Strip. He swears a food truck version’s on the way. We can only hope.

Address: 2327 N. St. Mary’s St. at Little DeathWebsite: Instagram @pumpers_world

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12. Mad Mack’s Burger Co.: The Mad Mack

If you thought doughnut buns were the end-all-be-all of the burger customization game, get a load of two grilled cheese sandwiches for buns on a burger heavy enough to challenge them both. It’s packed with double meat, tons of cheese, bacon and a couple of onion rings.

Address: 2933 Roosevelt Ave.Phone: 210-922-1500Website: Facebook: Mad-Macks-Burger-Co

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11. Muck & Fuss: Spicy Juicy Lucy

Whoever invented the stuffed burger patty wasn’t playing by the rules. And rebellion tastes great when there’s pimento cheese in the middle of really good beef, dressed out with jalapeño bacon, fried onions and pepper Jack cheese on a jalapeño cheddar bun from New Braunfels’ legendary Naegelin’s Bakery.

Address: 295 E. San Antonio St., New BraunfelsPhone: 830-255-7055Website:

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10. Kicaster Country Store & Grill: Jalapeño Popper Burger

This is what happens when a chef who trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York sets up shop in Wilson County just southeast of Bexar County. From this country convenience store, Scott Hudson, along with his wife Emily, brings together the best local beef, a golden brioche bun, thick bacon, house-pickled jalapeños and creamy schmear of ranch, cream cheese and cheddar for a disciplined burger that tastes wild but won’t ruin your shirt.

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Address: 2239 FM 3432, AdkinsPhone: 830-865-1317Website: Facebook: kicastercountry

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9. Freiheit Country Store: Freiheit Extreme Cheeseburger

A recent Saturday at this New Braunfels ice house and cafe included a kids’ fair, live music and some of the best burgers in Comal County. The Freiheit Extreme gets its power from a half-pound of hand-formed beef and a grilled tangle of jalapeños, onions and mushrooms. But it gets its charm from a sweet bakery bun branded with an “F” for “freakin’ good.”

Address: 2157 FM 1101, New BraunfelsPhone: 830-625-9400Website:

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8. Broadway 5050: The ’09er

I sat at one of the Metallica tables over by the skateboard decks, in case you’re wondering what kind of rocker dive groove Broadway 5050 in Alamo Heights cultivates. The ’09er is funny the way it checks the old-money ZIP code with hard-core swagger, starting with ghost pepper cheese, jalapeños and chipotle mayo, then piling on with a fried egg and bacon on some of the most righteously seared beef on this list.

Address: 5050 BroadwayPhone: 210-832-0050Website:

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7. Bunz Handcrafted Burgers: Bunzai

They make a really good basic burger at this bright new downtown joint, I swear. But you can’t beat the Bunzai for spectacle and flavor. The beef, all coral red and glossy, needs no help, but it gets it all the same from lush Asian-spiced pork ribs sheared from the bone, then dressed out with coleslaw for a splendid two-handed mess best cleaned off with a firehose.

Address: 122 E. Houston St.Phone: 210-354-3555Website:

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6. Cheesy Jane’s: Southwest Burger

At this diner-style malt shop at Broadway near Hildebrand, don’t be too seduced by the jalapeño-studded cheddar bun. Save yourself for the knobby flavor-bomb of beef, roasted chiles and pepper Jack cheese it holds together.

Address: 4200 BroadwayPhone: 210-826-0800Website:

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5. Big’z Burger Joint: Big’z Famous #1 with cheese and bacon

You need a burger joint as big as a warehouse to hold a burger this tall. Even with just one patty, the Famous #1 takes its beef to new heights with fresh veggies, real cheddar cheese and applewood-smoked bacon. Get as many half-pound patties as you like, but one is plenty to show off Big’z skill with the grill.

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Address: 2303 N. Loop 1604 W. and 10106 Texas 151Phone: 210-408-2029, 210-543-2029Website:

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4. The Cove: Blue Bison

They’ve taken out the children’s playground in the courtyard for now, but The Cove is still full of life, laughter and runaround kids, drawn by lots of outdoor seating, cold beer and mindfully sourced food like the lean, clean Blue Bison burger, dressed out with blue cheese, bacon and chipotle mayo.

Address: 606 W. Cypress St.Phone: 210-227-2683Website:

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3. Chris Madrid’s: Cheddar Cheezy

Even the biblical Job would agree that Chris Madrid’s has been tested in the last few years. It changed hands, caught fire, got rebuilt and survived COVID-19 crisis mode in what felt like the blink of an eye. And yet it persists, because Chris Madrid’s is the real deal, especially the burger that started it all: the Cheddar Cheezy, with an orange blanket of cheese over beef that packs a lot of flavor even in the quarter-pound size.

Address: 1900 Blanco RoadPhone: 210-735-3552Website:

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2. J’Dub’s Burgers & Grub: The Double Dubs

Call this the Year of the Smashburger, and give J’Dub’s the prize for smashing it best. This operation started on a shoestring as an offshoot of Motel Fried Chicken, and Colón and White already have expanded beyond their Five Points locale to the kitchen of downtown bar Moses Rose’s Hideout. The burger supports it, starting with good beef that turns into black diamonds under pressure, tucked inside a soft, sweet Martin’s potato roll with a Dub Sauce described by White as “puertorican mayoketchup, yep, spelled just like that.”

Address: 1017 N. Flores St. and at Moses Rose’s Hideout, 516 E. Houston St.Phone: 210-267-2652, 210-229-0391Website:

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1. Mr. Juicy: Double Cheeseburger with bacon

Somehow, Mr. Juicy got even better in the past two years, rising from the No. 2 spot to take the title of Best Burger in San Antonio. Credit Weissman for curating a burger that starts with fresh beef on a house-baked poppyseed brioche bun with the best veggies, fat pickles and lots of American cheese, then selling it at fast-food prices from an old Jack in the Box.

Address: 3315 San Pedro Ave.Phone: 210-994-9838

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