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When your sweet tooth hits, Omaha answers the call with an array of bakeries, sweet shops, and ice cream parlors bursting with goodies made with love.

In Omaha, you can have your cake (and chocolate, pastry, and pie) and eat it too. Before digging in, here’s a trivia fun fact: butter brickle was created in Omaha. Which means for the best butter brickle, you had better be in Omaha. Coneflower Creamery is known for creamy butter brickle ice cream served in giant scoops. Ted & Wally’s boasts super-premium, made from scratch ice cream with 18% butterfat and all-natural ingredients. Trendy eCreamery serves sixteen staple flavors of specialty ice cream, gelato, and dairy-free sorbet.

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The humble donut has received a facelift at a number of area bakeries. Square Donut serves up handcrafted square-shaped donuts in flavors like Maple Bacon and Cinnamon Sugar. Culprit Café, so popular it opened a second location, serves a variety of gourmet flavors so good a local food critic claimed it as Omaha’s best donut.

The Cordial Cherry is a whimsical shop stocked with homemade, hand-decorated chocolate covered cherry cordials. Old Market Candy Shop whips up a multitude of chocolate candies including the addictive mud ball. A dreamy shop, like something straight out of a movie, Chocolat Abeille serves hand-painted confections, including custom chocolate shoes!

If you’re craving melt-in-your-mouth goodness, try Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop in the historic Joslyn Castle neighborhood – lemon bars, signature Cardamom cake, and French macarons are fan favs. Visit an edible art gallery at Whisk and Measure, churning out sweet confections daily that are almost too pretty to eat … almost. Other delicious standouts include Jones Bros. in Aksarben Village, Cupcake Omaha in the Old Market, and The Omaha Bakery in the central part of the city.

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