5 Relaxing Hot Springs In Texas

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“5 Relaxing Hot Springs In Texas”

Texas is a treasure trove of stunning natural features. Known for its vast swathes of grasslands, prairies, and mountains, the Texan landscape draws you to explore. Although hot springs in Texas may not be what comes to mind immediately, tucked away in cities and national parks, these little oases of scenic luxury are overlooked by even frequent visitors to the Lone Star State.

The heat and minerals of hot spring water are renowned for their rejuvenating properties, relaxing tense muscles and revitalising the skin. They are also just simply very relaxing, offering all the comforts of a warm bath in stunning natural surroundings. Here are five of the Best hot springs in texas.

Rio Grande River Big Bend National Park Rio Grande River in Big Bend National Park is the landscape of one of the Best hot springs in texas.


  • 5 Best hot springs in texas
    • 1- Rio Grande Village Springs
    • 2- Chinati Hot Springs
    • 3- Capote Springs
    • 4- Barton Springs Pool
    • 5- Krause Springs

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1- Rio Grande Village Springs

natural hot springs in texas Rio Grande Village Springs is one of the most popular hot springs in Texas.

Located in the Big Bend National Park, right along the border with Mexico, the Rio Grande Village Springs offer some of the best views of all the hot springs on this list.

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Once surrounded by formal bathhouses, all that’s left of the old buildings are their ruins, providing an added edge of intrigue to the area.

Popular hiking trails lead through the area, connecting the springs to nearby visitor centres and campgrounds.

It’s just remote enough that finding them feels like an adventure without being too inconvenient to get to.

You have two sets of springs to choose from here, the Langford Springs and the Boquillas Springs, which are a little over half a mile from the nearest car park, so they rarely get overcrowded.

hot springs in texas Rio Grande Hot Springs in Texas.

The springs themselves reach up to 105°f (40.5°c), perfect for soothing tired muscles after exploring the local trails.

There are no shops or amenities close to the springs themselves.

You’ll need to pack water and refreshments to bring along with you to ensure you don’t get dehydrated in the hot springs and dry desert air.

Rio Grande Village Springs is in Big Bend National Park, TX 79834.

hot mineral springs in texas sign for the hot springs loop trail The Texas hot springs loop trail.

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2- Chinati Hot Springs

In the Chihuahua desert, Chinati Hot Springs is in a private resort only accessible to paying guests.

A little more structured than the free, unregulated alternatives, Chinati is ideal for a laid-back break, letting your worries soak away.

Although it’s pretty remote, the campsite and its convenient amenities ensure that it doesn’t feel too isolated.

You’ll have everything you need to relax into a luxurious overnight stay trying out the various pools.

There are plenty of options here, including private baths for when you don’t want an audience and cold pools for a refreshing dip on hotter days.

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Also known as the Ruidosa Hot Springs, the Chinati Hot Springs is just a half hour’s drive from the Ruidosa Ghost Town.

There are plenty of hiking trails through the surrounding mountains and down to the Rio Grande.

You can alternate between exploring the local landscape and soothing your tired body in the healing mineral waters.

Chinati Hot Springs is at 1 Hot Springs Rd, Presidio, TX 79845.

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3- Capote Springs

Just a few miles north of Chinati, Capote Springs is notable for its particularly stunning surroundings.

Several endangered plant species thrive in the area around the springs, owing to the unique mineral makeup of the rock bed and in the water.

Flowers grow here that can be found nowhere else in Texas and the tallest waterfall in the state is also nearby.

Capote Falls is just a short hike south.

Fed by the same source as the springs, the waterfall is over 170-feet (52 metres) high, crashing into a glistening plunge pool before feeding out into Capote Creek.

All in all, the Capote Springs are perfect if you are looking for something that feels a little wilder.

They’re one of the more unique options with plenty of special features worth the trip to appreciate.

Capote Springs is at Presidio, TX, 79843 USA.

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4- Barton Springs Pool

hot springs in austin texas If you’re looking for hot springs in Austin, Barton Springs is the choice for you.

If trekking out into the desert to hunt down remote hot springs doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps the Barton Springs Pool in Austin would be more your style.

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Located within the bustling city, Barton Springs is much more convenient to get to, requiring no strenuous hikes in the Texan heat.

They also come with all the amenities and creature comforts of a city resort.

You won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your stuff or carting along an abundance of supplies with you.

There are locker rooms to store your belongings and refreshments stands are close at hand.

The caveat to their convenience is that they tend to be quite a bit busier than their more remote counterparts.

There’s more of a lively party atmosphere here, with groups flocking to picnic on the manicured lawns around the pools.

At a comfortable 70°f (21°C), the water here is on the cooler side but still warm enough to be soothing; it’s a bit less overwhelming than the higher temperatures of many other springs.

Barton Springs Pool is at 2131 William Barton Dr, Austin, TX 78746.

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5- Krause Springs

Best hot springs in texas Krause Springs tree roots If you’re looking for hot springs in Texas near Austin, check out Krause Springs.

Krause Springs is a comfortable middle ground between remote tranquillity and city convenience.

Nestled amongst the trees just outside the little town of Spicewood, you can enjoy the peace of the natural surroundings without straying too far from urban comforts.

The water here is the coolest of the springs on this list, averages around 68°f (20°C).

It’s perfect for the height of summer when you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the sweltering heat.

There are thirty-two springs to try out, both natural and artificial, so it doesn’t tend to get horrifically crowded even during peak times.

Krause Springs is privately owned, part of a 115-acre camp resort, with space for campervans and tent pitches.

There are facilities for barbeques and bonfires, as well as an onsite butterfly house and garden, so there’s plenty to do in between dips in the pools.

Krause Springs is at 424 Co Rd 404, Spicewood, TX 78669.

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