10 Best Things to Do in Punta Cana Right Now

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“10 Best Things to Do in Punta Cana Right Now”
Hoyo Azul Photograph: Courtesy ViatorHoyo Azul

The Caribbean at its most, well, Caribbean? Get ready for paradise. These are the Best things to do in punta cana

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Claire Dodd & Sarah Arnold Wednesday April 20 2022

Welcome to paradise. Of course, that only really applies if your idea of paradise is a white-sand resort on the edge of the ocean with views for days and a chocolate museum to boot. Yes, that’s right, a chocolate museum, although the Best things to do in punta cana cover a lot more ground than sweet, sweet chocolate. The easternmost spot of the Dominican Republic is the island nation at its most touristic, with an incredible range of hotels waiting to host those seeking 32km of unbeatable beaches and stunningly clear water. Punta Cana is a dream of biodiversity, national parks, adventure activities, and, yeah, we’re going to mention it again, a chocolate museum.

Scape Park
Photograph: Viator

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1. Scape Park

What is it? This natural theme park’s limestone topography and pristine jungle provide many stunning views and walks – and there are historical attractions too.

Why go? The Farallon Cliff extends 800 meters along the coast, while there’s also a hidden cenote, caves and a zipline. The aim of the park was also to embrace the cultural heritage and traditions of Latin America and the Caribbean – with replica homes of the ancient Taino Indians, who occupied the land before the Conquistadors arrived.

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park & Reserve
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/ Churl

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2. Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park & Reserve

What is it? An ecological park and reserve spread over 1,500 acres of subtropical forest.

Why go? This area is privately owned but dedicated to conservation and scientific research. Visitors can enjoy the 12 freshwater lagoons, five of which are open for swimming. Guama Lagoon is 26 feet deep, and many love to dive off the platform here – certainly one for the GoPro.

Macao Beach

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3. Macao Beach

What is it? Punta Cana’s public beach, where you’ll see plenty of locals, especially on Sundays.

Why go? It’s a popular surfing spot and was listed by UNESCO as one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, mostly down to the clear waters and lovely white sand fringed by tall palm trees.

Hoyo Azul
Photograph: Courtesy Viator
Coco Bongo
Photograph: Viator

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5. Coco Bongo

What is it? A vibrant nightclub with ten shows a night.

Why go? This club knows how to put on a show – throughout the night impersonators recreate shows from artists including Michael Jackson and Queen. There are also trapeze artists and professional singers and dancers on stage at all times. Also, the club has an open bar – just pay the entrance fee.

Photograph: Courtesy Jellyfish Restaurant

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6. Jellyfish

What is it? A restaurant serving local seafood and shellfish dishes.

Why go? It’s worth a visit for the setting alone. Walk along Bavaro Beach to get here and enjoy the stunning sea views over lunch or a sunset dinner while you listen to the waves. Some of the best dishes include snapper, mahi-mahi, and sea bass – smothered with delicious house sauce.

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Capri Beach House
Photograph: Courtesy Booking.com

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7. Capri Beach House

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Saona Island

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8. Saona Island

What is it? An untouched island off the coast of Punta Cana.

Why go? If you want to escape the tourist crowds, Saona Island is the paradise you need. The island is a government-protected nature reserve and part of the East National Park. You’ll find wildlife throughout the island, from birds to a beach full of starfish. If you’re lucky, you’ll see sea turtles laying their eggs during nesting season.

Bavaro Beach

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9. Bavaro Beach

What is it? A bleach-white sand beach offering a range of watersports.

Why go? The clear waters off Bavaro Beach make it ideal for snorkeling, and many hotels on the strip include snorkeling equipment in your stay. For the more adventurous, there are also numerous dive spots. Try parasailing, windsurfing, or simply enjoy a dip in the shallow natural pools sectioned off by reefs.

Photograph: Courtesy ChocoMuseo

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10. ChocoMuseo

Temporarily closed

What is it? A museum about all things chocolate.

Why go? Other than because it’s a chocolate museum? ChocoMuseo is free, and you can visit the ‘bean to bar’ factory to learn about the process, starting from the cacao harvest, along with the history of chocolate-making. You’ll even have a chance to attend a chocolate-making workshop.

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