Chatting with the Chicks of Chick Lit

In honor of Chick Lit May, here is a little fun and humor with Julianne Westcott, the protagonist of my novel, THE MEMORY OF US.  Enjoy!

Ha ha ha ha welcome, welcome everyone to Chatting With the Chicks of Chick Lit. I’m your host, Chuck Lottateeth, and I am so thrilled to be able to introduce you to some of the most fascinating characters in literature today. I’m talking about the leading ladies of Chick Lit—those enchanting, romantic, darling, sexy, sweet, funny, headstrong—and, let’s face it, sometimes downright frustrating—modern women who headline this fabulously fun genre. I’m sure you’re going to love getting the skinny on these “novel” heroines, and who knows? You might just find your new BFF on the pages of one of these books!

Without further ado, please put your hands together and show some love for today’s guests, Julianne Westcott.  Julianne lived in England during WWII, where she fell in love with a Catholic seminarian against her wealthy parents’ protestations.  Hmm, that can’t go well, can it?  But, we won’t bog her down with serious questions.  Let’s just get to know a little bit more about her.

Chuck:  If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?

Julianne:  I would be a low-rise pump.  When I’m with my parents, I’m expected to attend many society functions, and heels would be appropriate.  But, when I’m with Kyle, I just want to take walks in the park with him, and flats would work better.  So, I feel as if I’m a low-rise pump – fitting for either situation.

Chuck:  What are three items you would absolutely need to have with you if you were shipwrecked on a desert island?

Julianne:  I’d take a basket full of ingredients to make cinnamon rolls.  Kyle loves when I make those.  And, I put a little lemon in to my frosting just for a bit of a kick.  I would take a book of collected works by Agatha Christie.  I’ve spent many stormy nights at our family estate reading her stories.  I haven’t been able to solve one yet!  And, I’d take a cosmetics bag – I imagine that you can start to look pretty rough after being on a desert island.  And I’d want to look pretty and have my teeth brushed when Kyle would see me again after getting rescued.

Chuck:  If you had only $15 to spend, what would be the perfect date?  $50?  $5,000?

Julianne:  Well, I live in England, so we’d be working with pounds, not dollars.  I’m not sure of the exchange rate, but they’re probably not far off.  So, with 15, Kyle and I would take a walk around Newsham Park and buy some biscuits from a vendor.  Then, we would sit by the pond and watch the children sail their homemade boats.  With 50, Kyle would take me to dinner on the Wallasey waterfront, where we’d eat some tawts popty and dance to some crooners.  With 5000, we’d head in to London for a week.  I grew up with a lot of money, but left all that to be with him.  I’d like to treat him to some of my old lifestyles – lunch at the Savoy, shopping at Harrod’s, etc.

Chuck:  Your best friend is asked to describe you in five words.  What would they be?

Julianne:  Without a doubt, Lucille is my best friend, and she knows me better than nearly anyone.  I think she’d say that I’m loyal, a bit indulged, compassionate, impulsive, and passionate.

Chuck:  Your nemesis is also asked to describe you in five words.  What would they be?

Julianne:  Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but my nemesis is my own mother.  She hates that I chose Kyle over all of these prominent men that she paraded in front of me.  So, she might say that I’m disloyal, irrational, unreasonable, unpractical, and impulsive.

Chuck:  If you could be the heroine in any chick flick, who would it be and why?

Julianne:  I love all of the color movies that you have today!  In fact, when I was growing up, we only had the radio.  Television is an amazing invention.  I’ve been catching up, and I love Buttercup from “The Princess Bride”.  She is torn between what she’s expected to do and what she wants to do, but in the end, she chooses Wesley over a chance at royalty and riches.  I also chose the man who was “poor and perfect”.

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THE MEMORY OF US is historical fiction, and I do hope that you’ll be swept up in the epic love story of Kyle and Julianne.  You can find more information about it here, and don’t miss my book trailer.  It’s gorgeous!



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