Có những món ăn chỉ cần nghe tên cũng có thể hình dung ra hương vị, nhưng cũng có món dù nhắc đi nhắc lại bao nhiêu lần cũng chẳng tượng tượng nổi hình thù, nguồn gốc của chúng ra sao. Don- đặc sản Quảng Ngãi là một trong những món ăn như vậy.

5 đặc sản ăn liền nổi danh của người Quảng Ngãi

Don là món ănNot only is it an unusual name, but Quảng Ngãi also has its own breath and life. Depending on the food preferences and palate of each diner, they will have their own perception of the dish, but surely it will bring a new and unique experience in terms of taste. Whenever there is an opportunity to visit Quảng Ngãi, don’t forget to try this special dish.

Rewritten: Don is located on two major rivers of Quảng Ngãi, namely the Trà River and the Vệ River.

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Belonging to the Nguyễn family, the oyster is divided into two halves, a dull black and a golden-hued shell, shaped like a triangle and larger than an adult’s hand. The oyster shell is usually thinner than other types of shellfish. Its flesh is golden with pinkish stripes surrounding it. The oyster lies deeply buried under the sand (about 5 inches), and rises only once a year when the water level reaches about one meter.

Don chỉ có ở hai con sông lớn của Quảng NgãiThe two rivers Trà and Vệ are home to many species of fish that scatter throughout the rivers, banks, and most densely near the mouths of the rivers. A favored habitat of these fish is sandy terrain. During the dry season, from April to May, locals around the two rivers go out to fish. However, sometimes the fish can be seen in July as well. As the fish burrow into the sand, the task of fishing is a difficult one for the locals. On days with high water levels, fishermen may be submerged in water for hours without catching much.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Quảng Ngãi during the right season, be sure to take the opportunity to savor this special dish. At other times of the year, locals often substitute hến for don. Although these two species belong to the same family, if the bowl isn’t filled with golden don with its pinkish hues, then no matter how many seasonings are added, the dish won’t be quite right.

This traditional dish consists of a deep brown soup filled with small pieces of don, a few scallions, and a crunchy rice cake. Simple, but this food has gone deep into the hearts of all Quang people who are far away from home.

After washing the noodles, the people soak them in boiling water, stirring and evenly distributing them. When the noodles are soft, it is the time when the boiled water gets the best of the essence. The boiled noodles are poured into a separate bowl and the taste is adjusted according to each person’s taste.

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I recently made a dish with live shrimp and rice paper. I put the shrimp in a bowl and poured the sauce over it, then added some spring onions, coriander, chilli and a few crushed peanuts. This dish was even more perfect with a mix of Lý Sơn garlic and the spicy aroma of chilli.

When the rice paper is soaked and soft, diners can savor the sweet and fragrant taste of the dipping sauce, the rice paper, the spiciness of the chili, the pepper… All harmoniously blend to create an intriguing flavor that makes diners fully appreciate the deliciousness.

To change up the flavor, you can make a simple bowl of stir-fried noodles or porridge. Don is also available in other places. But when tasting it, the discerning palate can still recognize the subtle taste of don despite the many spices and seasonings used. If you get the chance to visit Quảng Ngãi, you can try this dish at Núi Bút, or along Quang Trung or Trần Hưng Đạo streets.

It can be said that don is a characteristic of the Quang land, not luxurious, not expensive, the natural delicacy from the sweet and sour taste of the don on the native land has created a specialty, a pride of Quang Ngai cuisine. Simple, rustic, the land of don almost contains all the people, emotions and culture of this Trà river mountain area.

5 đặc sản ăn liền nổi danh của người Quảng Ngãi

Using their deftly-manicured hands and intricate skills, the people from Quảng Ngãi have crafted products with a unique and distinct flavor. By harnessing their craftsmanship, they have created items that stand out from the rest. With their experience and attention to detail, they have created something truly special.

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Ngược xứ Lạng thưởng thức món ngon khó cưỡng

Visitors are not only impressed by the majestic scenery and mountain rivers, but also captivated by the delicious local delicacies of Lang Son. With each dish, they can feel the love of the locals, making their experience even more memorable. The flavors of these dishes, which are unique to Lang Son, are sure to leave an impression on anyone who tastes them.

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