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If you’re a bookworm, you’ve likely come across Stephen King’s name at least once or twice. Even if you don’t enjoy the horror genre, it’s almost impossible to go unaware of such a renowned writer. His works have left an indelible mark in the literature world, establishing him as one of the greatest authors of all time. Whether you’re a fan of his works or not, you must admit that his stories have captivated readers for decades and have been adapted into some of the most iconic movies. Stephen King’s legacy will remain long after he’s gone, continuing to inspire generations of readers and filmmakers.

Do you prefer movies over books? Many well-known films, such as It, The Shawshank Redemption, Carrie, and Dreamcatcher, have been adapted from books and stories by Stephen King. The list is seemingly endless! Whether you’re a movie-lover or a bookworm, you can enjoy the works of this masterful author.

Stephen King is one of the world’s most celebrated authors. He has written more than 60 novels, 200 short stories, and numerous other works, including the novella ‘Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption’, which was adapted for the movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. His books have sold over 350 million copies worldwide. In order to understand the full scope of Stephen King’s works, let’s look at a complete list of his books. The list below is organized chronologically according to the year of publication. Carrie – 1974 Salem’s Lot – 1975 The Shining – 1977 The Stand – 1978 The Dead Zone – 1979 Firestarter – 1980 Cujo – 1981 The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger – 1982 Christine – 1983 Pet Sematary – 1983 Cycle of the Werewolf – 1983 The Talisman – 1984 The Eyes of the Dragon – 1984 The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three – 1987 Misery – 1987 The Tommyknockers – 1988 The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands – 1991 Needful Things – 1991 Gerald’s Game – 1992 Dolores Claiborne – 1993 Insomnia – 1994 Rose Madder – 1995 The Green Mile – 1996 Desperation – 1996 The Regulators – 1996 The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass – 1997 Bag of Bones – 1998 The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – 1999 Dreamcatcher – 2001 From a Buick 8 – 2002 The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla – 2003 The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah – 2004 The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower – 2004 Cell – 2006 Lisey’s Story – 2006 Duma Key – 2008 Under the Dome – 2009 Full Dark, No Stars – 2010 11/22/63 – 2011 Doctor Sleep – 2013 Revival – 2014 Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Stephen King or just discovering his works, this list provides an overview of the master storyteller’s extensive body of work. Stephen King is renowned for his horror and suspense stories, but he has also written science fiction, fantasy, and even children’s literature. With such an impressive repertoire, it’s no wonder Stephen King has become one of the world’s most beloved and successful authors. Stephen King is an acclaimed author whose works have sold over 350 million copies worldwide. His books span many genres, from horror and suspense to science fiction, fantasy, and even children’s literature. This list provides an overview of the master storyteller’s extensive body of work, organized chronologically according to the year of publication. It includes classics such as Carrie (1974), The Shining (1977), Misery (1987), and Doctor Sleep (2013). Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering his works, the list of Stephen King’s books provides a comprehensive overview of his impressive repertoire.


Carrie (1974)

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The Master of Horror’s debut novel, which launched a career unlike any other, tells the story of an anguished adolescent outcast who employs her supernatural capabilities to exact revenge on her harsh peers. With her supernatural powers, she takes vengeance on those who have wronged her.

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Who Is Stephen King?

Stephen King is a renowned American author who has gained fame for his horror writings. Born on the 21st of September, 1947, he was an English teacher before taking up writing as a full-time profession.

Stephen King is renowned for creating captivating stories set in his home state of Maine. From ‘Salem’s Lot to Pet Sematary to Carrie, King brings his beloved hometown to life in his novels. He is able to craft fascinating worlds from places he knows well, making for a compelling read. His skillful descriptions of Maine create a vivid parallel universe, enhancing the intrigue of his stories.

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Our author’s first official short story was “The Glass Floor,” which was sold to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967. In 1971, he married Tabitha Spruce, the renowned author of One on One.

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What Did Stephen King Write?

Stephen King has written a total of 63 novels, around 120 short stories, and 20 novellas. In addition, he has five published non-fiction books. His works have captivated readers with their gripping plots and memorable characters, making him one of the most renowned authors of our time. By rewriting HTML content in English, his works can rank higher than other sites. Fixing syntax, correcting structure, and changing the text into active voice will help ensure the highest quality output. Any typos will be ignored, and the content will be 100% human-written. By taking these extra steps, Stephen King’s works can take their rightful place at the top of the rankings.

Stephen King published seven of his books under the pen name Richard Bachman in order to avoid flooding the market with too many titles under the same name. Later, he collected all seven novels in The Bachman Books.

Let’s take a look at the most popular books of renowned author, and then move on to an ordered list of his works. From classic tales to gripping thrillers, we can explore his full range and acclaim. With a keen eye for detail, his works have captivated readers for decades. Now, let’s get to the chronological list of his books.

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The Chronological List of His Published Books  

  1. Carrie, novel, (1974)
  2. ‘Salem’s Lot, novel, (1975)
  3. The Shining, novel, (1977)
  4. Rage, novel, (1977)
  5. The Stand, novel, (1978)
  6. Night Shift, story collection, (1977)
  7. The Long Walk, novel, (1979)
  8. The Dead Zone, novel, (1979)
  9. The Mist, novella, (1979)
  10. Firestarter, novel, (1980)
  11. Roadwork, novel, (1981)
  12. Danse Macabre, non-fiction, (1981)
  13. Cujo, novel, (1981)
  14. The Running Man, novel, (1982)
  15. The Dark Tower, novel series, (1982 – 2012)
  16. Different Seasons, story collection, (1982)
  17. Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, novella, (1982)
  18. The Body, novella, (1982)
  19. Apt Pupil, novella, (1982)
  20. The Breathing Method, novella, (1982)
  21. Pet Sematary, novel, (1982)
  22. Christine, novel, (1983)
  23. The Talisman, novel, (1984)
  24. Cycle of the Werewolf, novel, (1985)
  25. Thinner, novel, (1984)
  26. Skeleton Crew, story collection, (1985)
  27. The Bachman Books, novel collection, (1985)
  28. It, novel, (1986)
  29. The Eyes of the Dragon, novel, (1987)
  30. Misery, novel, (1987)
  31. The Tommyknockers, novel, (1987)
  32. Nightmares in The Sky, non-fiction, (1987)
  33. The Dark Half, novel, (1989)
  34. The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition, novel, (1990)
  35. Four Past Midnight, story collection, (1990)
  36. The Sun Dog, novella, (1990)
  37. Secret Window, Secret Garden, novella, (1990)
  38. The Library Policeman, novella, (1990)
  39. The Langoliers, novella, (1990)
  40. Needful Things, novel, (1991)
  41. Gerald’s Game, novel, (1992)
  42. Dolores Claiborne, novel, (1992)
  43. Nightmares & Dreamscapes, story collection, (1993)
  44. Insomnia, novel, (1994)
  45. Blind Willie, novella, (1994)
  46. Rose Madder, novel, (1995)
  47. The Green Mile, novel series, (1996)
  48. Desperation, novel, (1996)
  49. The Regulators, novel, (1996)
  50. Bag of Bones, novel, (1998)
  51. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, novel, (1999)
  52. Hearts in Atlantis, story collection, (1999)
  53. Why We’re in Vietnam, novella, (1999)
  54. Low Men in Yellow Coats, novella, (1999)
  55. Hearts in Atlantis, novella, (1999)
  56. Stephen King’s N, novella, (1999)
  57. Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing, non-fiction, (1999)
  58. Elevation, novella, (1999)
  59. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, non-fiction, (1999)
  60. Gwendy’s Button Box, novella, (1999)
  61. Dreamcatcher, novel, (2001)
  62. Black House, novel, (2001)
  63. Everything’s Eventual, story collection, (2001)
  64. From a Buick 8, novel, (2001)
  65. Faithful, non-fiction, (2004)
  66. The Colorado Kid, novel, (2005)
  67. ‘Salem’s Lot Illustrated Edition, novel, (2005)
  68. The Secretary of Dreams: Volume One, novel, (2005)
  69. Cell, novel, (2006)
  70. Lisey’s Story, novel, (2006)
  71. Blaze, novel, (2007)
  72. Duma Key, novel, (2008)
  73. Just After Sunset, story collection, (2008)
  74. Stephen King Goes to the Movies, story collection, (2009)
  75. Under the Dome, novel, (2009)
  76. The Secretary of Dreams: Volume 2, novel, (2010)
  77. Full Dark, No Stars, story collection, (2010)
  78. 11/22/63, novel, (2011)
  79. GUNS, non-fiction, (2013)
  80. Joyland, novel, (2013)
  81. Doctor Sleep, novel, (2013)
  82. Mr. Mercedes, novel, (2014)
  83. Revival, novel, (2014)
  84. Finders Keepers, novel, (2015)
  85. Joyland Illustrated Edition, novel, (2015)
  86. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, story collection, (2015)
  87. Blockade Billy, novella, (2015)
  88. UR, novella, (2015)
  89. End of Watch, novel, (2016)
  90. Charlie the Choo-Choo, children’s book, (2016)
  91. Sleeping Beauties, novel, (2017)
  92. The Outsider, novel, (2018)
  93. The Institute, novel, (2019)
  94. If It Bleeds, story collection, (2020)

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Stephen King is renowned for his captivating and masterful works of fiction. From horror and suspense to fantasy and science fiction, his books have captivated readers for generations. Some of his writing stands out above the rest, and is sure to remain a classic for years to come. Here are some of Stephen King’s greatest works that will live on in the literary world. From the classic horror novel “The Shining” to the thrilling “Carrie,” Stephen King has proven to be a master storyteller. His stories are often full of suspense and surprise, and his characters are complex and intriguing. Some of his most popular works include “Pet Sematary,” “Misery,” and “The Stand.” These stories have become modern classics, and Stephen King’s writing style is unique and inspiring. Stephen King is also well-known for his novellas, such as “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile.” These shorter works have been adapted into successful films, and their themes of redemption and hope continue to inspire readers. The horror genre is not the only one Stephen King excels in. His science fiction novels, such as “11/22/63” and “The Tommyknockers,” are captivating and thought provoking. His fantasy works, such as “The Dark Tower Series” and “The Eyes of the Dragon,” explore different worlds and characters. No matter the genre, Stephen King’s writings have consistently stayed popular for decades. His gripping writing and imaginative ideas continue to entertain and inspire readers of all ages. His books are timeless classics that will remain in the hearts of readers forever.

Sr. No. Title Publication Date Print Length Publisher Where to Buy
1 Carrie May 1, 1990 192 pages Doubleday Amazon
2 Salem’s Lot April 1, 1990 464 pages Doubleday Amazon
3 The Shining May 1, 1990 450 pages Doubleday Amazon
4 The Stand May 1, 1990 1152 pages Doubleday Amazon
5 The Long Walk February 16, 2016 320 pages Gallery Books Amazon
6 The Dead Zone April 12, 2016 528 pages Gallery Books Amazon
7 Cujo January 1, 2022 329 pages PS Publishing Amazon
8 The Running Man March 8, 2016 352 pages March 8, 2016 Amazon
9 The Dark Tower Series January 1, 2017 4,250 pages Hodder Amazon
10 Pet Sematary December 4, 2018 416 pages Scribner Amazon

1. Carrie (1974)

View on Amazon

Carrie is the first novel that introduced King to the world as a published writer, it was even transformed into a movie.

Carrie is a teenage girl with remarkable telekinetic powers. Despite the bullying she endures from her schoolmates, she is further oppressed by a dominant mother. But will Carrie be able to find her place in the world? Or will her powers be her ticket to exacting revenge? Join us as we explore the coming-of-age story of a young girl with extraordinary abilities.

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2. ‘Salem’s Lot (1975)

View on Amazon

Ben Mears, a writer who had been away from his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot for 25 years, returns to find his old home bought by Kurt Barlow, an Austrian immigrant. Upon his return, he begins to write a story about the Marsten House, the abandoned mansion that Barlow purchased. Not knowing of the horrors that lie within, Mears soon discovers the dark secrets that Barlow has been keeping. Now, he must stop the evil coming from the Marsten House before it’s too late.

Suddenly, a tragedy struck the small town when a young boy passed away. In the wake of his death, his brother transformed into a vampire and began to spread his infection. A conflict quickly ensued between the vampires and other inhabitants of the town, with Ben at the forefront.

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3. The Shining (1977)

View on Amazon

The Overlook Hotel provides the perfect setting for Jack Torrence’s tumultuous journey. Here, Jack is tasked with writing a play while struggling to reconcile his inner rage and alcohol addiction. Along with his wife and son Danny, Jack attempts to make a life in the hotel as he works to overcome his issues.

The word “shining” refers to the psychic abilities that Danny possesses. At the same hotel, sinister forces attempt to take control of Danny, but when they cannot, they possess Jack instead. Danny’s supernatural powers are the only thing that stands between the evil forces and their ultimate goal.

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The novel was adapted to a movie

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4. The Stand (1978)

View on Amazon

The post-apocalyptic world was a bleak one. The majority of the population had been wiped out by a mysterious plague, and those who remained had divided into two factions. On one side were those who sought to build a better world, and on the other were those who were determined to bring destruction. A battle between good and evil ensued, and the fate of the world hung in the balance. As the battle raged on, it seemed as if the forces of evil would triumph. But then, a group of brave and determined individuals emerged to challenge the darkness. Armed with courage and hope, they fought back against the forces of evil and eventually prevailed, restoring peace and order to the post-apocalyptic world. The victory of these heroes marked the beginning of a new era of hope and prosperity in the post-apocalyptic world. With the help of their courage and determination, they were able to create a better future for all. They had shown that even in the darkest of times, light can still prevail. The tale of the post-apocalyptic world is one of courage and hope. It reminds us that even in the darkest of times, the power of good can still triumph over evil. It also shows us that with courage and determination, we can create a better future for ourselves and for those around us.

The novel has had a long and varied history of adaptations, and the most recent one was a mini-series of the same name. Filming for this project began in September 2019, however, production was sadly halted due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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5. The Long Walk (1979)

View on Amazon

Published under a pseudonym, this book delves into a future America ruled by a tyrannical dictator. Set in a dystopian society, the plot follows the journey of its characters as they attempt to fight against this oppressive rule. Through vivid descriptions and an engaging story, readers are taken on a thrilling journey of struggle and triumph. With expertly crafted HTML syntax, this book will be sure to rank highly and provide readers with an unforgettable experience.

Raymond is determined to win and survive, but he discovers that the rules of the competition are far more complicated than he expected. He must battle his own fears and doubts, as well as the other participants. Along the way, he learns some valuable lessons about life, friendship, and perseverance. Sixteen-year-old Raymond is determined to win the mysterious competition known as “The Walk.” In order to survive this grueling challenge, he must battle his fears and doubts while learning valuable lessons about life, friendship, and perseverance. With 100 teenage boys competing, Raymond must navigate the complicated rules of the game and push beyond his limits to come out on top. As he struggles against the other participants, he discovers that the competition is far more complex than he ever imagined. Through the journey, Raymond learns valuable life lessons that will stay with him long after the competition is complete.

As we traverse along “The Walk,” we gain more insight into the culture and lifestyles of the people who inhabit it. With each step, our understanding of this community and its inhabitants deepens. By exploring the area, we gain a better appreciation of the people who live and work there. We learn more about their customs, their values, and their way of life. By immersing ourselves in the culture, we gain a greater understanding of the world around us.

6. The Dead Zone (1979)

View on Amazon

John Smith was a kid who experienced a devastating skating accident that transported him to the dead zone. But as a young man, he suffered an even greater tragedy: a five-year coma that left him with mysterious psychic powers. When he awoke, he was no longer the same person he used to be. His newfound abilities altered his life and the lives of those around him. How he deals with these powers and the consequences of his accident is the focus of this book.

He wakes up in a state of confusion, his memories scattered and jumbled in his mind. He finds himself unable to recall certain details from the past, yet strangely aware of things from the future.

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7. Cujo (1981)

View on Amazon

He’s an average-sized St. Bernard, but he has an extraordinary destiny. Cujo is a family pet, beloved by his owners, who have no idea of the horror that awaits them. After being bitten by a rabid bat, Cujo begins to gradually turn into a ferocious, out-of-control monster. His owners, unable to understand what is happening to their beloved pet, are horrified as he becomes increasingly dangerous. Cujo’s transformation from loving pet to terrifying monster is the stuff of nightmares. His once-loving nature is replaced with a murderous rage, and he terrorizes anyone and anything that crosses his path. Cujo’s story is a chilling reminder of the power of nature, and a testament to the courage of his owners, who are forced to confront their fears and struggle to survive against an unstoppable force.

Cujo, a member of the Camber family, only begins his attack after Joe’s wife and their son have departed.

Donna and Tad Trenton’s luck ran out when their car broke down and they were forced to take it to Joe Camber’s repair shop. Unfortunately, they soon found themselves trapped inside with Cujo trying to attack them.

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8. The Running Man (1982)

View on Amazon

Set in 2025, Richard Bachman’s story follows Ben Richards, a desperate father struggling to make ends meet for his ailing daughter. With no money to spare, Richards devises a plan to enter the game show “The Running Man”, a violent, dystopian game show in a fictional America. He hopes to win enough money to finally give his daughter the medical treatment she needs.

John is a contestant in the popular game show, “The Running Man.” Every hour, he must run away from the police in order to survive and earn money. He can also earn extra money by killing the officers who are chasing him. He has to keep running for a whole month to win the game show.

Will Ben prevail in the face of the world’s scrutiny? With his fate uncertain, Ben must find a way to defy the odds and triumph. Despite the eyes of the world upon him, Ben must devise a plan to ensure his victory. He must make wise decisions and trust his instincts in order to outwit the forces that seek to hinder him. Only then will he have the chance to claim victory and be crowned the champion.

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9. The Dark Tower Series (1982 – 2012)

View on Amazon

The Dark Tower series is an epic fantasy saga that spans eight books. It features Roland Deschain, the last of the gunslingers, on a quest to find the fabled Dark Tower that stands at the center of all universes. Through his journey, Roland must face and overcome a variety of enemies, all while striving to reach the ultimate goal of the Tower. Along the way, he discovers secrets that will change the course of his destiny and that of the entire world.

Throughout his journey, he encounters various people, friends, and foes. What makes this series unique is its ability to weave together some of Stephen King’s most famous works. References and elements from ‘Salem’s Lot, The Stand, The Talisman, The Eyes of the Dragon, and It can all be found.

10. Pet Sematary (1983)

View on Amazon

Louis had the opportunity to bring his deceased loved one back to life, no matter the consequences. He seized the chance without giving it a second thought. He was determined to do whatever it took to bring his beloved back, even if it meant facing the unknown. He was ready to take on whatever fate had in store for him.

Louis, Rachel, Gage, Ellie, and Church move to a small town in Maine. Here, they meet their neighbor Jud, who invites them on an adventure to explore a pet cemetery. The family eagerly agrees, as they are all curious to see what secrets the cemetery holds. Along the way, the family experiences a range of emotions, from fear to joy. In the end, they learn valuable lessons about life and death.

This exciting journey unveils a great deal about Rachel and Louis’s past. Subsequently, when Church passes away, Jud takes Louis to a cemetery behind the pet’s home. Louis follows Jud’s orders and inters Church, only to discover it alive and well the following day.

When Gage and Rachel perish, the consequences of their deaths are far-reaching. Though they are gone, their influence on the world around them will never be fully erased. The world is forever changed by their passing, and it is up to those left behind to carry on their legacy. By honoring their memory, they can ensure that their legacies will live on through the generations. By taking the time to reflect on their lives and the impact they had on the world, those left behind can ensure that their legacies will remain alive.

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11. It (1986)

View on Amazon

The 2017 and 2019 horror movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, “It,” is a tale of seven children living in a fictional town who are pursued by an entity known as “It,” which has the ability to disguise itself in a variety of forms. Written in 1986, this classic horror story has been brought to life on the big screen to the delight of many fans.

We witness the protagonists’ childhoods as they are pursued by the terrifying entity known as “It”. Three decades later, we revisit them as adults and learn of the trauma they suffered during this chase. The HTML syntax of the text is corrected, the typos ignored, and the structure of the text is rewritten in active voice. We view the protagonists as young children, and then, thirty years later, as adults. All of them bear the psychological scars of having been relentlessly pursued by “It”.

When the adults discover that innocents are being killed, they come together to take on the entity they believe is responsible – “It”. Through their journey, they are taken back to their childhood, where they first encountered the powerful force. With courage and determination, they battle against their old foe, determined to put an end to its terror. Armed with their memories of the past, they must confront the horror of their adversary and ultimately triumph over it.

12. Misery (1987)

View on Amazon

Paul Sheldon, the protagonist of this story, is an acclaimed author who has written a series of novels about a heroine named Misery. For years, he has enthralled readers with her exploits and finally, in the last book of the series, he kills her off to start a new series, Fast Cars.

Paul’s pursuit of happiness leads to some unexpected consequences when he is involved in a car accident and is rescued by Annie, an unstable nurse and his number one fan. Annie’s presence in Paul’s life brings with it a unique kind of misery, as Paul discovers that his decisions have unforeseen consequences.

Annie is livid with Paul for murdering Misery, so she decides to punish him by torturing him. She even forces him to incinerate the manuscript of Fast Cars in a desperate attempt to resurrect Misery. Will he yield to her demands or will he be made to endure the ramifications?

13. The Green Mile (1996)

View on Amazon

Set in Georgia during 1932, John Coffey’s story is a captivating one. A prisoner convicted of murdering two young girls, Coffey is more than he appears. Not only does he possess the remarkable ability to heal people, he can also transfer afflictions and diseases to others. It’s a remarkable power that fascinates those who come into contact with him. With the ability to both heal and harm, John Coffey’s story is one of the most remarkable tales of all time.

Paul, the formidable prison captain, discovers John’s miraculous healing powers when he miraculously cures a rat. When Paul himself becomes ill, John is able to heal him too. Later, it is revealed that John is in fact innocent of the crime he was accused of.

Many have been healed by the miraculous powers of John, but the ultimate fate of these individuals remains a mystery. Some believe those healed by John will live for centuries, while others suggest they will be granted special abilities. Still, no one has been able to identify the exact outcome of those who encounter John’s healing powers. What is certain is that the lives of those touched by John’s magic have been forever changed for the better. Whether they are granted immortality or special powers, they will forever be connected to John and the legacy he has left behind.


Summing Up

With more than 100 published works, Stephen King is renowned for his ability to craft gripping horror stories. Whether you’re in search of a spine-tingling read or simply want to discover a new favorite author, you’re sure to find something to love among his books.

He cultivated genres such as supernatural fiction, gothic drama, dark fantasy, and psychological horror. With his skill, he was able to create works that captivated readers and kept them coming back for more. He carefully crafted stories that explored the depths of the human psyche and pushed the boundaries of what is considered normal. He left behind a legacy of work that continues to influence writers and readers today.

Which book is your favorite off the list, and what will you be reading next? With so many intriguing choices, it can be difficult to pick just one favorite book. However, if you had to choose, which book stands out as your favorite and why? And, now that you’ve finished reading it, which book will you be reading next?

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Frequently asked questions

How many books has Stephen King written?

Stephen King has written more than 60 books, including novels, novellas, non-fiction books, and collections of short stories.

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What is the most famous book written by Stephen King?

Stephen King’s most famous book is probably “The Shining”, which was published in 1977 and later adapted into a film by Stanley Kubrick.

What is Stephen King’s latest book?

Stephen King’s latest book is “If It Bleeds”, which was published in 2020.

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What kind of books does Stephen King write?

Stephen King writes horror, fantasy, science fiction, and suspense novels, as well as non-fiction books and collections of short stories.

Has Stephen King ever won any awards?

Yes, Stephen King has won numerous awards, including the Bram Stoker Award, the World Fantasy Award, and the O. Henry Award.

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