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“Live Mode Console Cheats”

Cheats are a time-honored tradition of Sims players everywhere. We won’t judge you for using them. In fact, we encourage it! Learn all about console cheats for The Sims™ 4 ahead, or find cheats for PC/Mac here.

Console Cheats vs. PC/Mac Cheats How to Open the Cheat Console Live Mode Cheats Money Cheats Career Cheats General Cheats Need Cheats

Console Cheats vs. PC/Mac Cheats

There are a few differences between entering cheat codes on a PC/Mac and entering them on a console like the PlayStation®4 or Xbox One. The most important, though, is that enabling some cheats on a console actually disables Achievements and Trophies on your current game save. You’ll need to earn those the old-fashioned way, without using cheats.

Specifically, any of the cheat codes that require you to input “testingcheats true” are the ones that disable Achievements in your current game save. (Note that it does not disable Achievements in your other saves!)

Luckily, Build mode cheats are fair game!

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How to Open the Cheat Console

To enter cheat codes for Live mode of The Sims 4 on a PlayStation or Xbox, start by launching a new game or opening a saved game. Then, open the Cheat Console by holding down all four shoulder buttons while in game (or, if you’re using a mouse and keyboard with your console, press CTRL+Shift+C). This will bring up the cheat dialogue box.

To enable cheats, type in “testingcheats true” and then add whichever cheat you want! Close the Cheat Console by pressing all four shoulder buttons again (or pressing ESC if you’re using a mouse and keyboard).

Additionally, some cheats may require shift-clicking Sims or objects. To execute a shift-click, hold Circle and press X (on PlayStation 4) or hold B and press A (on Xbox One).

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Live Mode Cheats

There are three different modes in The Sims 4: Create-a-Sim mode, Build mode, and Live mode. All of the following cheat codes will be entered while you’re in Live mode. These include cheats for money, careers, relationships, needs, skills, and more. 

If you’re looking for Build mode cheats, you can find them here.

Money Cheats

freerealestate on/off

Makes all homes free. Must be entered at world or neighborhood screen.


Adds 1,000 Simoleons

money [number]

Adds specified [number] of funds


Adds 50,000 Simoleons

Career Cheats

careers.demote [career name]

Gives the Sim a demotion in the listed career

careers.promote [career name]

Gives the Sim a promotion in the listed career

careers.remove_career [career name]

Causes a Sim to abandon the listed career

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General Cheats


Completes current aspiration milestone


Opens the Sim character creation menu

death.toggle true/false

Enables/disables death

household.autopay_bills true/false

Enables/disables bills for the household

testingcheats true/false

Enables/disables cheats

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Need Cheats

resetSim [first name][last name]

Resets a stuck Sim


Fills all needs for the active Sim

sims.give_satisfaction_points [number]

Gives a specified number of satisfaction points to active Sim


Removes Moodlets and returns Sim to neutral mood state


Fills all needs for each Sim in the current household

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