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How to kilograms to pounds – Convert

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How to convert Kilograms to Pounds

1 kilogram (kg) is equal to 2.20462262185 pounds (lbs).

1 kg = 2.20462262185 lb

The mass m in pounds (lb) is equal to the mass m in kilograms (kg) divided by 0.45359237:

m(lb) = m(kg) / 0.45359237

Detail How to kilograms to pounds – Convert

Method 1

1. Write the number of kilograms. Converting from kilograms to pounds is simple. Best of all, once you know how to do it, it’s something that you can use in a wide variety of situations. Start with the number of kilograms you want to convert.
  • For example, let’s say that you want to convert 5.9 kilograms to pounds. In the next few steps, we’ll do just this.
2. Multiply by 2.2. Next, just multiply your kilogram measurement by 2.2. The answer you get is the number of pounds that is equal to your kilogram measurement.
  • In the example from above, you can convert by multiplying 5.9 by 2.2. 5.9 × 2.2 = 12.98 pounds.
  • Don’t forget the “pounds” label. If you’re doing this calculation for schoolwork, you can lose points if you leave the label off. If you’re doing the calculation for something else, the person who reads your work may misunderstand your answer.
3. For greater accuracy, multiply by 2.2046. Technically, multiplying kilograms by 2.2 to get pounds is sort of a “shortcut” for easier conversions. If you want to get the most accurate result possible, you’ll probably want to use a more accurate value for the conversion. 2.2046 should be accurate enough for most purposes.
  • In the example above, if we use the more-accurate value, we get 5.9 × 2.2046 = 13.00714 pounds. This is a minor difference, but if we’re aiming for very precise measurements, this may be the better choice.
  • If you want to be even more accurate, consider using a conversion factor with more decimal places. At an extreme level of accuracy, one kilogram is equal to 2.2046226218 pounds.
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4. To get back to kilograms, divide by 2.2. Getting from a pounds measurement back to kilograms is as simple as dividing the number of pounds by your conversion factor. In other words, if you used the basic “2.2” conversion above, divide by 2.2. If you used 2.2046, divide by 2.2046, and so on.
  • In the example from above, you can get from 12.98 pounds back to the original kilogram measurement like this: 12.98/2.2 = 5.9 kilograms. Don’t forget the label!
  • Don’t mix and match your conversion factors — only divide by the number you originally multiplied by. For instance, since you got 13.00714 pounds when you used the more accurate 2.2046 conversion, you wouldn’t divide by 2.2. This would give you 13.00714/2.2 = 5.912 kilograms, which is slightly different from your starting 5.9 kilograms.

Method 2

1. Convert kilograms to pounds to get a decimal answer. There are many ways to represent pounds when you’re not dealing with a whole number. Two common examples are decimals (i.e., 6.5 pounds) and fractions (i.e., 6 1/2 pounds). Another way to do this is with ounces. There are 16 ounces in a pound,[4] so a pound-and-ounces measurement of, for instance, 6 pounds 8 ounces is like saying 6 8/16 pounds (or 6 1/2 pounds).
  • To convert kilograms into this sort of pound and ounces measurement, start by doing the standard decimal conversion above. For instance, if you want to convert 7 kilograms to pounds and ounces, start by multiplying 7 × 2.2 = 15.4 pounds
2. Divide the decimal digits by 0.0625. As mentioned above, one ounce is 1/16 of a pound. This is equal to 0.0625 pounds. If you divide the numbers in your answer to the right of the decimal place by 0.0625, the answer you get will be the number of ounces.
  • For example, if you want to figure out how to write your 15.4 pound answer above to pounds and ounces, you would get your number of ounces by dividing 0.4/0.0625 = 6.4. This means that the “0.4” in “15.4 pounds” is equal to 6.4 ounces.
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3. Write your answer in the form “x pounds, y ounces.” Once you know the number of pounds and ounces you’re dealing with, getting your final answer is as easy as combining them. Write your answer by listing your number of pounds first, then ounces. For example: 10 pounds, 3 ounces.
  • In the example problem, we have 15 pounds (from our original 15.4 pound measurement). We now know that the 0.4 decimal is equal to 6.4 ounces. This means our final measurement is 15 pounds, 6.4 ounces.
4. Work backwards to get back to kilograms. Getting from pounds and ounces back to kilograms requires two things. First, you need to convert your ounces back to pounds by multiplying them by 0.0625. Then, you need to convert your pounds back to kilograms by dividing by 2.2 (or whatever other value you used).
  • In the example problem, you would convert back to kilograms like this:
    Start with 15 pounds, 6.4 ounces.
    Multiply 6.4 × 0.0625 = 0.4 pounds
    Add this to 15 to get 15.4 pounds.
    Divide 15.4/2.2 to get 7 kilograms.

Kilograms to Pounds conversion table

Kilograms (kg) Pounds (lb) Pounds+Ounces(lb+oz)
0 kg 0 lb 0 lb 0 oz
0.1 kg 0.220 lb 0 lb 3.527 oz
1 kg 2.205 lb 2 lb 3.274 oz
2 kg 4.409 lb 4 lb 6.548 oz
3 kg 6.614 lb 6 lb 9.822 oz
4 kg 8.818 lb 8 lb 13.100 oz
5 kg 11.023 lb 11 lb 0.370 oz
6 kg 13.228 lb 13 lb 3.644 oz
7 kg 15.432 lb 15 lb 6.918 oz
8 kg 17.637 lb 17 lb 10.190 oz
9 kg 19.842 lb 19 lb 13.470 oz
10 kg 22.046 lb 22 lb 0.740 oz
20 kg 44.092 lb 44 lb 1.479 oz
30 kg 66.139 lb 66 lb 2.219 oz
40 kg 88.185 lb 88 lb 2.958 oz
50 kg 110.231 lb 110 lb 3.698 oz
60 kg 132.277 lb 132 lb 4.438 oz
70 kg 154.324 lb 154 lb 5.177 oz
80 kg 176.370 lb 176 lb 5.917oz
90 kg 198.416 lb 198 lb 6.657 oz
100 kg 220.462 lb 220 lb 7.396 oz
1000 kg 2204.623 lb 2204 lb 9.962 oz

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