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These little blank books are full of possibility!  And the best part is each book is made from just a single sheet of folded paper.  So grab a sheet of plain paper or these two free templates and get folding!

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Fold up book supplies….

The only supplies you need to make a fold up book is a sheet of copy weight paper and scissors.  So simple, right?

The little templates below will add some just right structure to your fold up book.  They offer blank spaces for writing and drawing, no matter the subject of choice! One printable template is a little more buttoned up- with clean lines and spaces.  The other is a bit funkier with interesting borders and shapes!


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Simple silent instructions for a visual lesson on how to make a simple, quick u0026 easy mini-book out of one piece of copy paper. Very fun for beginning writers and readers to make their own little book. Or wonderful for those of us young at heart to make a sweet little personalized book as a loving gift.nnnMaterials Needed:nnglue sticknscissorsn1 piece of 8 1/2

Want to grab these free printable fold-up book templates….

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How to make a book from a single piece of paper….

Making a book from one piece of paper is so simple one you learn  few simple folds.

-Start by folding the paper in half “hamburger way” with the details of the template facing out.

-Fold in half again so that paper is now a quarter of it’s original width.

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-Unfold the last fold that was made so it’s folded in half gain but the crease at the one quarter mark is evident.


Second steps…. 

-Start with scissors at the fold.  Cut along that crease until you reach the middle crease.

-Keeping two ends together let the middle sections accordion fold into a book.


More handmade book ideas….

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Want to learn how to make a book by watching…

I love learning by seeing!  Follow along with the video above and see exactly how I make a book and make yours right alongside me!

More DIY book making ideas….

Make your own book from paper lunch bags! This DIY book is extra fun because it has little pockets within the book perfect for collecting notes or treasures!

Learn three different ways to bind a book using rubber bands!


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