4 Tips to Market Childrens Books, According to a Bestselling Author

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This beautiful book celebrates the special bond between mother and child. Choose the name and appearance of both characters for a truly unique gift.

The basic idea of marketing a book is pretty straightforward: find out who likes your book, discover where they ‘live,’ then sell your book there and make them buy it. And when you’re publishing a children’s book,

The children’s book market is not focused on the children, but instead the adults that purchase the books for them. This can include parents, guardians, relatives, educators, and anyone else who may be responsible for buying the books. Once you understand what adults desire in a children’s book, you will be able to appreciate the target consumer base as being ideal.

  • They have simple core desires: to get a book the child will love,
  • Children go through a LOT of titles, so they always need new books,
  • Once they find an author they like, they will read EVERYTHING they’ve written, and
  • It’s easy to find out where parents, teachers, and such ‘live’ online.

In this article, bestselling children’s book author Yvonne Jones shares advice for marketing children’s books that comes from her own personal experience. With that in mind, we’re going to look at four key ways that you as a children’s authorAnswering the critical question of whether the return on investment from marketing efforts is worth it when targeting those who buy children’s books is the first step.

How much can you make writing children’s books?

The simple answer is that it varies. If you choose to go the traditional route, publishers generally pay you an advance that may fall anywhere between $5,000 to $30,000, depending on your genre. Hannah Holt shares her finances (around $17,000 a year) writing children’s books in this post on her blog. (Side note: if you’re interested in this route, check out our directory of top children’s book agents

Self-publishing a children’s book, which fetches you a much larger percentage of the royalties, can also be a profitable project. Holt conducted a survey of children’s book authorsIt has been reported that around 62% of self-publishing authors have earned some amount of money. However, the success of any author through self-publishing is subject to a range of factors such as the genre of the book, the quality of the book and the author’s marketing skills.

That said, most children’s book authors reveal that the biggest reward stems from the intangible: the simple joy that comes from writing books for children. In an article for Huffington Post,

Last week, a reader from Oak Park, Illinois sent me a letter expressing how much they had enjoyed my 43 Old Cemetery Road series. They had been reading it since second grade and even now, at sixth grade, it still has a place in their heart. Whenever they have trouble sleeping or calming down, they said it is one of my stories that saves the day. Reading these letters makes me feel as if my work has value and that is something we all strive for. It still brings a tear to my eye.

I finally authored a book for adults, titled In the Bag. It was a success in Italy and Indonesia, but I rarely get feedback from readers in the United States. On the other hand, I receive letters frequently from young readers who have read my work, sometimes even more than once. A recent acquaintance of mine from Oak Park even told me that she had memorized one of my books (which is 136 pages long).

With this ROI in mind, let’s take an in-depth look at how t

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This beautiful book celebrates the special bond between mother and child. Choose the name and appearance of both characters for a truly unique gift.

How to market children’s books

Many self-publishing children’s book authors have made it big, simply by playing by the right marketing rules. Now, children’s book author Yvonne Jones recommends four key ways to market your children’s books. 

Millennials who are parents of young children often rely on the internet for advice and referrals. This is especially true considering the many online sources available such as blogs, Instagram, Facebook Groups, Twitter, and Reddit.

Search through Facebook for children’s book groups, or groups that might be concerned with the topic of your book. If you’ve written a picture bookIt is a safe bet that there is a Facebook group that consists of individuals who adore firetrucks. It stands to reason that some of these people have children.

Share pictures of your book on Instagram or Twitter using relevant hashtags — ones that either deal with your book’s topic (#unicorns #firetrucks) or tap directly into your audience (#mommylifestyle #picturebooksaremyjam)

And have you claimed your books on GoodreadsIf you are serious about marketing children’s books, not doing so would be a mistake. The biggest social network for the purpose of sharing books should not be overlooked.

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2. Get your book into libraries

>hugeMany parents are unable to purchase every book they would like their child to read, often relying instead on borrowing titles from the library. If your book is stocked in the children’s section of a library branch, you are likely to get more borrowers. If parents and their kids enjoy your book, they may be willing to purchase any other books you have written. This can be a great opportunity to increase sales.

In order to get your book into a library system, it is essential to demonstrate its worth to librarians and provide them with a straightforward ordering process. To make this happen, the following steps must be taken:

  • Ensure that your book has a healthy stream of positive reviews,
  • Make it easily available through major wholesalers (like Ingram or Baker & Taylor), and
  • Introduce yourself.

Jones noted that many libraries enjoy having authors come in to host story times, which may not seem intimidating at first.

Many libraries hold weekly story times that draw in a lot of kids and parents. Reach out to the libraries in your area and let them know about your book. Remember to bring a few physical copies with you when you go for the reading, so you can sign them and offer them for sale.

Free course: How to market a children’s book

Attain your book’s potential and reach out to young readers across the globe. Enroll in this internet-based class today to get the ball rolling.

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3. Plan school visits

Jones points out that many authors of children’s books are unaware that many educational institutions have an annual budget for paying for visits from authors. There is even the possibility of earning money from school visits, which is a great incentive when trying to promote children’s literature.

Organization is key when contacting schools about your book. Before you start, make sure you have a plan in place. Let the schools know the age group that the book is intended for, provide links, the cover image, a synopsis, and any other pertinent information about the book.

“How to plan a school visit for your children’s book” and more #selfpubtips

Then as soon as the school agrees, send over a summary of your planned visit. At this point, Jones would also be sure to secure sales with their parents, if appropriate. (Remember who your target audience really is.

Jones provides this final suggestion: “Reach out by email, then follow up with a phone call to inform schools of your offer to visit for free, in exchange for them providing slips for students to purchase signed copies of your book.”

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And there are plenty of other tricks you can try to reach the children’s gatekeepers. You can try creating a trailer, you can guest post for parenting blogs. So long as you stay focused and direct your efforts to find where the buyers

Pro-tip: Another way to reach your target audience is to apply to book promotion services like Mom’s Choice Award!

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4. Get your Amazon page right

In 2021, Amazon is still a leading retailer for self-publishers. In the digital age, an Amazon product page is comparable to a physical store. To ensure maximum visibility to potential readers, it is important to optimize the product page as much as possible.

  • Your author page (which you can edit using Amazon Author Central. This is your public profile for interested readers. Don’t overlook this as an opportunity to brand yourself! Make sure that you’ve perfected your author bio — and don’t forget to include a link to your author website.
  • Your book description. This key element of your product page should be designed to convert people from browsers to buyers. Above all, ensure that your headline is gripping and that your blurb is snappy. You can head to this post to learn more about how to write a book description that sells.
  • Your Amazon keywords. Amazon uses its own algorithms to recommend books to readers. Mastering this is one of the best ways to boost the discoverability of your books on Amazon, so that readers can find your books in the first place. We recommend taking this free 10-day course that teaches you all of the secrets behind Amazon algorithms if you’d like to learn more.

Have you tried any of these tips before? What’s been your experience like marketing your children’s book? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll get back to you right away.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I reach the most potential readers for my children’s book?

The best way to reach potential readers for a children’s book is by utilizing digital marketing strategies. Utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be effective in getting the word out about your book. Additionally, creating a website or blog to showcase your book and engaging with online book communities can be beneficial in getting your book seen by the right people.

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What type of content should I create to promote my children’s book?

Creating content that is both engaging and informative is key to successful marketing for a children’s book. Consider creating videos that feature an animated version of the story, or interviews with the author. Additionally, you can create content such as blog posts or articles that discuss topics related to the book, or that highlight key elements of the story.

How can I use influencers to promote my children’s book?

Influencers can be a great way to reach a wider audience for a children’s book. Consider finding influencers who have a following that might be interested in your book, and then reach out to them and offer a free copy of the book in exchange for a review or a social media post about it. Additionally, you can offer influencers a commission for any sales that are generated through their posts.

What is the best way to market a children’s book on a budget?

Marketing a children’s book on a budget can be done successfully with the right strategies. Utilizing free or low-cost marketing strategies such as word-of-mouth marketing, online reviews, and social media campaigns can be effective in getting the word out about your book. Additionally, consider working with influencers who may be willing to promote your book in exchange for a free copy.

How can I measure the success of my children’s book marketing efforts?

Measuring the success of your marketing efforts is an important step in determining what strategies are working and what needs to be changed. Consider tracking metrics such as website visits, social media engagement, and sales. Additionally, reach out to those who have purchased your book and ask them for feedback on the marketing efforts that led them to buy it.

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