• Creating illustrations for children’s books can be made simple and straightforward with our free layout software. With just a few clicks, you can drag and drop images onto blank pages and utilize any of your desired fonts.

  • Creating a single children’s book or producing multiple copies in bulk can be beneficial for obtaining a discounted price per book. Offset printing offers a cost-effective way to obtain larger quantities of your book.

  • Promote your self-published children’s book on your website, the Blurb Bookstore, Amazon, and local bookstores.

I could cost-effectively create 20 books, one for each student in the group.

–Rebecca Kee, second-grade teacher

We offer a range of children’s book formats

Select from an assortment of square and landscape style prints on high-quality photographic paper or cost-effective plain paper.

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  • Peanut Butter or JellyB

    Kelson’s successful Kickstarter campaignShe was given the chance to express her imaginative tale about peanut butter and jelly in a professionally published children’s book.

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  • Huckleberry HeroB

    John Chuzzlewit hoped that his artwork and detailed illustrations would make a big impact on readers, which is why he decided to use the high-grade Mohawk paper for his children’s book.

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  • Susie Goes to the SeasideB

    Watts had a desire to create an economical series of Susie children’s books, so she opted for our economy color trade book format, allowing her to reach a broad readership.

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Easily self-publish your book

  • Download BookWright for free—for powerful design capabilities
  • Drag and drop images to get suggested layout ideas
  • Print books and PDFs—all from the same project file

Download BookWright

  • If you have already produced a children’s book in PDF format, take advantage of our specifications calculator to adjust your PDF to any book size. Afterwards, simply upload your book and make an order.

  • If you are already familiar with Adobe® InDesign®, then you should install our plug-in to make the process of creating Blurb-ready templates much easier. It even allows you to upload your project without having to leave InDesign.

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  • Find self-publishing resources, tips, and tricks
  • Put your children’s book up for sale on Amazon, and over 39,000 other retailers
  • Decrease your per unit cost when you order in volume

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