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Print Your Book from PDF with professional binding and finishingMagazines | Catalogs | Novels | Documents

How to print your book

in 4 easy steps

Select book type based on binding, presentation and product purpose.

Select orientation, size, page count, paper type and colour to give your product the perfect fit.

Personalize your book by adding your design, colours and elements.

You’re almost ready to order! Select book quantity and with selected product options you’le get pricing in real-time.

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How To Design a Perfect Book

Most important steps when preparing a book for print is to know the binding type of the book you want, orientation, color, dimension and page count. You will need these information when designing your book.

Book Binding Types

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Saddle Stitch

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Coil Bound

Perfect Bound

Stapled Binding

Options for Book Product

Our book products are easy to configure. They usually have two product parts, cover and inside pages. Each product part has common options predefined and ready for you to select. You will go through each of those options.

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Book Orientation.

Before starting a book layout you have to decide which orientation suits your book. You can choose between portrait, landscape and square.

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Book Format.

Book format or book dimensions are referring to width and height of the finished book product. We created and added standard sizes for each book product.

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Paper Typeand Thickness.

Characteristics of the selected paper will affect the appearance and durability of your book. There are various types and thicknesses of paper to select from.

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Page Count.

Page count refers to number of pages in a book. Printers refers to each side of sheet as a separate page. Even blank pages are counted.

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Colour and Ink.

Decide if your cover and inside pages will be printed in full-colour or will inside pages be printed in black ink. Will cover be printed on both sides or just one side.

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Using coating such as lamination adds durability by adding clear plastic film onto cover. It can also enhance the appearance of a finished book.

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Custom Book Features

High Quality Offset and Digital Printing

offset and digital print produced books that reflect professional quality

Color and B&W Printing

Paper Choice

360° File Inspection

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Instant Price Calculator

Fast Production Turnaround

Fast Production Turnaround of 1 to 7 days for quantities less than 10,000 units and for most book types

Best Design Practices

We suggest using Adobe InDesign for book design, it is a professional layout software and an industry standard tool.

Any layout tool you decide to use will require you to select same options for your book: Document Size, Orientation and Number of Pages.

Rule Of Thumb when Submittingyour Print-Ready Files

Document colours

Bleed size

File size

File format

Always save your book in print-ready,non editable PDF (PDF/X-4 or PDF 1.6).

Images and resolutions

Embedded fonts

Embed fonts to pdf or convert them to paths to avoid typeface discrepancies. Use fonts that don’t have any license restrictions and make sure the font coding in the PDF file is correct.

Cost to Print a Book

Soft Cover Book (Perfect Bind) Saddle Stitch Book (Self Cover) Saddle Stitch Book (Plus Cover) Wire-O Book (Metal Coil) Spiral Book (Plastic Coil) Document (Corner Staple)
# of Pages 48-400 8-64 8-64 48-400 48-400 2-400
Printable Spine
Various Sizes
Stackable Shape
Low weight (Mailing)
Opens 360°
Turnaround Time 5 Days 1-5 Days 1-5 Days 3-5 Days 7 Days 1-5 Days
  • Saddle Stitching: This is one of the most economical options and best suited to booklets with lower page counts. This is because the sheets are gathered, folded, and staples on the spine, and in booklets, with more than 60 pages the pages tend to “bubble” at the spine and not lay perfectly flat.
  • Spiral Binding: The pages are punched and wound onto a plastic spiral, this allows the pages to open 360 degrees. As the coil comes in a range of size this option is better able to accommodate larger page counts while still being a relatively economical option.
  • Wire-O Binding: Wire-O is similar to spiral binding, except instead of a plastic coil, the binding is formed with double loops of wire. This gives this binding method a more professional appearance than the plastic spiral, while still accommodating larger page counts and allowing the pages to rotate 360 degrees
  • Perfect Binding: Also know as Soft-Cover binding, this binding method involves glueing the pages together at the spine and wrapping the cover around this “book block”. This is one of the only binding methods that allows for printing on the spine. While most binding methods have a maximum page count, Perfect Binding has a minimum. The book block must be a minimum of .125″ thick or else the pages might not glue properly.
  • Corner Staple Documents: Ideal for long documents that don’t require more complex or elaborate binding. As the name suggests, the documents will simply be stapled in the corner, and can also be 3-hole punched to be placed into a binder.

The main difference between Self Cover and Plus Cover is the paper that the cover portion is printed on. Plus Cover booklets have the cover portion printed on a different paper than the inside pages, whereas Self Cover booklets have the cover printed on the same paper as the rest of the booklet.

A Plus Cover booklet allows for special finishes and the use of a thicker stock on the cover, however, the cover has to be run separately from the insides. This makes Self Cover the more economical option.

The easiest way to think about pages is to think about a PDF document with multiple pages. Each page in that PDF document would be equivalent to one page in the finished, bound book. A sheet is what the pages are printed on. For saddle stitching, a sheet has 4 pages on it, and therefore the page count must be divisible by 4. For Spiral, Wire-O, Perfect Binding, and Corner Stapling, a sheet has 2 pages.

Yes, booklets do require bleed. The standard .125″ or 1/8″ bleed will still be required on all edges, including the spine.

For saddle stitch booklets, a minimum of .25″ on all edges would be required. For Spiral, Wire-O, and Perfect Binding, these bindings require additional margin at the spine. For Spiral and Wire-O, an additional .25″ on the spine is required for the punches. For Perfect Binding, an additional .25″ is also required, so that no page content ends up too close to the spine.

The best program to design books would be Adobe InDesign, as this program was specifically created to design multipage files intended to be bound in some fashion and has several useful features.

  • Facing Pages: This setting arranges the pages in “Reading View”, where the front and back covers are by themselves and the rest of the pages are displayed in pairs, the way they would be when the book is printed and bound. This is especially helpful for artwork that requires “Cross-Overs” or pictures and/or design elements that cross over the spine from one page to the page next to it.
  • Master Pages: This feature allows the designer to set up elements that appear on all or several pages. Things like headers, footers, page numbers, etc can be designed on the “Master” page, and the master applied to other pages so that they will be the same location throughout the entire file
  • Layers: This is very useful when designing publications that have several versions, but the majority of the content is the same. For example, a product catalog where all the product descriptions, images, etc are the same but there is different pricing for Canada, The United States, and Europe. The whole catalog can be designed in one file, and the different prices placed on 3 different layers that can be shown or hidden depending on which version is being exported. This eliminates the need to maintain multiple files for the same publication and makes sure that all of the content is the same across all variations
  • Export PDF Settings: InDesign comes with several PDF export profiles built-in, including one for Print-Ready Output. These settings can be modified and custom profiles created, but for those who are not familiar with these options, the default will work for most, if not all, print applications
  • Integration with Illustrator and Photoshop: Because all three programs are made by the same company, they were designed to work together. Photoshop or Vector (.ai or .eps) files can be inserted as “Smart Objects”, which means any time those files are edited with either Photoshop or Illustrator and saved, the Smart Object is automatically updated. As well, the Smart Object can be opened into the editing application from InDesign through the Smart Object interface.
  • Margins and Columns: These features allow the designer to define the margins around the edges of each page, as well as the number, width, and gap between columns. This makes it much easier to arrange elements such as text and images in a consistent manner
  • If InDesign is not available, other programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, CorrelDraw, etc can be used, the only requirement for the design program being used is that it can export a PDF file. However, most other programs, unless they are also designed specifically to create multipage bound files, will not have the same features as InDesign.

Because of the number of operations involved with the various bindery methods, there are serval fixed set-up costs. These costs are the same regardless of the quantity being ordered. When the quantity is higher, the fixed costs are spread out over the increased quantity and therefore the unit rate decreases.

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Saddle Stitch Bound Books

This bookbinding method is referring to stacked folded paper sheets stapled through the folded line, usually with two staples.

It’s the most durable and cost-effective option, but your book pages won’t open completely flat.

Common Usage: Magazines, Annual Reports, Brochures, Comics Books, Cook Books, Booklets, Pamphlets, Catalogs and other.

Saddle Stitch with Cover

Cover page is using different paper type and thickness as insides pages.

Build Book (with Cover)

Saddle Stitch Self Cover

Cover page is using the same paper type and thickness as insides pages.

Build Book (self Cover)

Soft Cover Perfect Bound Books

Perfect Binding is a widely used soft cover book binding method. With this binding method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong yet flexible thermal glue.

The other three sides of the book are then trimmed as needed to give them clean “perfect” edges.

Common Usage: commercial books, novels, magazine with high page count, annual and corporate reports, manuals, thicker product brochures and premium product catalogues.

Build My Perfect Bound Book

Coil Bound Books

Coil bound books are an ideal solution for books that require more structure and sturdier binding or range of page counts.

Wire-O Coil Book

Wire-O Coil Bound Books are an ideal solution for books that require more structure and sturdier binding.

Common Usage:

Build Wire-O Book

Spiral Coil Book

Spiral Coil Bound Books are using a plastic coil. It is available in different diameters. Used for wide range of page counts.

Common Usage:

Build Spiral Book

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Corner Stapled Documents

Corner stapled documents will be printed and delivered the same day. Anything that you find necessary to be quickly printed and stapled together.

Common Usage: School Documents, Resumes, Seminar Courses, Product Lists, Price Updates and other types of stapled documents.

Build Stapled Document

Frequently asked questions

How To Print Your Own Book

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