How to Self-Publish a Children’s Book in 7 Magical Steps

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This beautiful book celebrates the special bond between mother and child. Choose the name and appearance of both characters for a truly unique gift.

Self-publishing a book for children is becoming an increasingly attractive option as it is becoming more accessible and the turnaround time is much quicker than traditional publishing.


How to self-publish a children’s book in 7 steps:

  • 1. Understand the costs and benefits of self-publishing
  • 2. Identify your target audience’s age group
  • 3. Edit the manuscript to pro standards
  • 4. Hire an illustrator to bring it to life
  • 5. Marry the pictures and words with great layout
  • 6. Choose a printer (or go all-digital)
  • 7. Start building up your amazing reviews
How to self-publish a children’s book: 7 steps to a magical launch

1. Understand the costs and benefits of self-publishing

No matter how promising something may seem, nothing is ever completely perfect. If you are considering self-publishing, you must be willing to put in a lot of effort and effort; however, you can reap great rewards if you succeed. Before you decide on a publishing route, it is always wise to be aware of the challenges you may face.

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This beautiful book celebrates the special bond between mother and child. Choose the name and appearance of both characters for a truly unique gift.


  • You have complete creative and artistic control 🎨 
  • You aren’t being limited to industry standards (e.g. typical 32-page picture books) 📖 
  • The ability to publish quickly ⏳ 
  • You needn’t rely on a ‘gatekeeper’ to offer you a book deal ✅ 

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  • You will likely foot the bills for editing, illustrating, printing, distributing, and marketing 💸 
  • You have to find trustworthy tools and professionals while avoiding scams 🔍 
  • You won’t have the clout of a publisher to strengthen your launch 📣  

If you agree with what has been said and are prepared to embark on the journey of self-publishing, then let us proceed to the next step of this process.

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2. Identify your target audience’s age group

Ideally, you would’ve done this before writing your children’s book, although it’s easy to get swept up in that lightbulb moment of an exciting story idea. In researching the market, you’re essentially identifying your target audienceBy getting to know an audience, you can gain an understanding of their likes and dislikes, their interests and hobbies, as well as their tendencies and behaviors. This knowledge can be used to enhance your book and extend its appeal.

Now is the time to review and polish the research you have done so far. If you have not done much other than looking at your own beloved children’s stories, some things you could consider asking yourself are…

What type of children’s book have you written?

Organizing your book into a specific genre is the primary step in the entire process, from the editing to the design to the marketing. However, it is important to stay within the boundaries of the market conventions in your specific niche when creating and advertising your book.

The table below outlines the primary types of literature geared towards children. These categories include a range of stories and tales.

Browse through the books at your local bookstore or library, or even online on Amazon, to see what new children’s titles look like, what kind of stories they tell, and what topics they cover. For instance, children’s books about diversity

Trends like these should by no means dictate your work, but they do reflect the tastes of children as well as the concerns of parents and educators who will actually be buying

How much does it cost to self-publish a children’s book?

> Tony Ross’s cover illustration for David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy

It is often thought that books aimed at children are cheaper to produce than those for adults, however this is not always the case. Illustrations for children’s picture books can range from $2,000 to $10,000, although most of them don’t exceed $6,000. The cost to produce a book can vary greatly depending on the author’s needs and circumstances. For instance, a well-written manuscript would need less editing and thus be less costly. For this reason, it is difficult to give accurate estimates on production costs.

That said, however, if we absolutely haveTo provide an estimate of the expense of self-publishing a children’s book, it is likely that the cost will exceed $5,000, particularly for children’s picture books.


3. Edit the manuscript to pro standards

As with every other kind of book, you need to get your manuscript edited. There are many types of editingAs you progress through the editing process, you may be most focused on developmental and copy editing. As you go through this process, consider questions like:

  • Do you have a clear story that engages young readers?
  • Are the characters memorable, with distinct voices?
  • Is the language too complex or too simple for your target audience?

Revising your manuscript on your own, at least at first, is key! Perhaps this free course on how to self-editOnce you have done all you can to refine your book, it is advantageous to get a different perspective. This could help you to understand the material in a new light.

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Which famous children’s author do you write like?

Uncover the literary figure whose writing style is most compatible with yours! It will only take 30 seconds!

Work with a professional editor

As an indie author working on children’s books with shorter texts, you might be tempted to do all the editing yourself to minimize costs. However, since these stories are so short, the editing rates are often quite affordable. More importantly, the insights that editors have

If you’re still on the fence, let Roald Dahl’s story convince you. Even in the latter half of his career, he was working closely with his editor to cater to his young audience. Stephen Roxburgh helped Dahl extensively revise the manuscripts of The BFG, The Witches, and Matilda, tackling everything from major plot points to whether Dahl should use “candy” or “sweets” in his writingIf this renowned author of books for children was assisted by an editor, then you can gain from the same help too.

> Did you know that the young protagonist in The Witches was not turned into a mouse in Dahl’s first draft?

While you’re searching for a children’s book editor, it’s crucial to know your own vision, your own needs, and, of course, where to look.

Polish your manuscript with professional help

Discover hundreds of top children’s book editors on Reedsy today by signing up!

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Learn how Reedsy can help you

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Reach out to some beta readers

Beta readers, though not publishing experts, can give you a very useful idea of how your story might be received. They won’t be able to represent your entireWriting for an audience can help to create a connection between the author and reader. Even if the audience is not specifically identified, the content of the writing can still be tailored to appeal to a broad group of people. This can help to create an intimate relationship between the author and their readers, even if the audience is not well-defined.

Invite a mix of children and adults to serve as your test audience. The children can give feedback on how enjoyable the story is, while the adults can offer insight into the deeper themes and more intricate aspects of the story.

4. Hire an illustrator to bring it to life

> Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler — who is likely outside your price range. (image via Telegraph)

Once the words have been perfected, the most thrilling part of the story commences – picturing the tale!

Lively illustrations are obviously a prominent feature among the best children’s books, although genres such as Middle Grade and Young Adult don’t need them. That said, every book needs a good book cover at a minimum, and for younger children’s picture books, illustrations are essential. As such, the answer to the question “How do I self-publish a children’s book?” almost always involves working with an illustrator.

If you wish to know an approximate cost of an illustrator, we suggest you take the 10-second quiz that will provide you with an estimation from actual figures.

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What will it cost you to hire a children’s book illustrator?

And if you want a detailed look at the process of selecting an artist suitable for your story, head on over the next post in this guide, which covers how to find a children’s book illustrator.

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5. Marry the pictures and words with great layout

Though the story is paramount, a good book also provides an enjoyable reading experience — a fact that’s especially true when it comes to children’s books. Patching texts and illustrations together the way you would make a PowerPoint presentation, while easy and quick, is not

Indeed, every element of your book layout designLayout design, including the choice of font, size of margins, and typeface, is critical for grabbing the attention of young readers. It is essential to make sure these considerations are taken into account.

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Formatting text-based titles

If you’re writing a Middle Grade or YA novel, this process can be simple. Using book formatting tools such as the Reedsy Book EditorYou can make a perfect book interior for no charge! This interior can be exported as an ebook, or saved as a PDF to be printed.

> This is what the inside of your book could look like if you used the Reedsy Book Editor.

Of course, if you want to customize your typeface or add fun chapter headings, this standardized format may not be satisfactory. For that, you’d have to look for a professional designer.

Designing illustrated books

If you’re working with more illustrations, as is the case with children’s picture books, the matter will be more complex. Amazon has tried to make things easier by introducing a formatting tool called the Kindle Kids’ Book CreatorCreating a professional-looking children’s picture book or chapter book requires more than just writing. While it is possible to make a product with minimal design knowledge, it is not likely to be unique or attractive. To ensure a book looks its best, it is best to invest in some design expertise.

Here are some helpful resources to assist in learning more about the varied aspects of interior book design. We suggest taking the time to explore these resources, but it is also highly recommended to partner with a professional to guarantee a top-notch, wonderful reading experience.

💡 Top tip: Go over your book with an editorAn expert can give a thorough review of the text and layout of your book to make sure it is suitable for publication. They can make sure it is properly formatted and ready for publishing.

6. Choose a printer (or go all-digital)

Well done! You have just finished writing your book. Now it’s time to think about how to best share this amazing work with everyone.

Do you want print books or ebooks? Should you print on demandIt is important to consider various issues when looking to publish a book, such as which printing company and distribution channels to use, as well as getting an ISBN. One should take the time to research each of these points individually in order to make an informed decision.

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Ebook vs. print

The debate concerning the potential advantages of ebooks for aiding children’s reading skills has been an ongoing one among researchers, educators, and parents. One positive aspect of ebooks is that they are more convenient to purchase, store, and interact with due to the inclusion of audio clips or animations. Additionally, ebooks offer authors the opportunity to extend their reach while saving money.

On the flip side, ebooks mean more screen time for children, they’re often more distracting, and studies have shown that children retain more information through reading prints. Then there’s the indisputable fact that most of us grew up reading physical children’s books and may find it difficult to imagine one that’s not

That said, certain kinds of children’s titles seem well-suited for ebook distributionSchools can find it more convenient to use and store language learning books for children to build their vocabulary in a digital format. Moreover, YA novels for older kids, who are more likely to own e-readers, can be great ebook choices.

> Raz-kids distributes hundreds of their language learning books to schools in digital format.

In any case, you can produce printed and ebooks if there’s a market for both. (Note, however, that the two formats will have different ISBNs — you can read all about that here.

If you’re set on printing your book, the next question is how that will happen. An indie author can choose between POD and offset printing servicesMany businesses offer both digital and traditional printing services. To help you decide which is best for you, we have created a table comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Amazon KDP

There are many self-publishing companiesIt is no secret that Amazon has become increasingly ubiquitous in the modern world, and this can be off-putting to some. Still, it is undeniable that Amazon offers great reach to potential customers, making it a popular choice for independent authors who need to print and distribute their books.

Moreover, its publishing division, Kindle Direct PublishingThis open platform encourages people of any skill level to become authors and put their own work out into the world.

Our Amazon self-publishing guide

7. Start building up your amazing reviews

You may be wondering whether we’ve strayed from the main question of how to self-publish a children’s book in this step, but rest assured we’re not. MarketingEditing is a key component of publishing, particularly when you are handling the entire process on your own.

As a writer, it is essential to increase visibility for your work and also present a welcoming persona to the individuals who read your stories. Doing so helps to create a bond with both children and adults.

Marketing a children’s book can be a difficult process, but best selling author Eevi Jones has made it easier by creating a free 10-day course available through Reedsy. This course provides everything needed to help get reviews and leverage social media, making it an essential resource for anyone trying to market a children’s book.

Free course: How to Market Your Children’s Book

Gain insight into the strategies for engaging young readers with this free course. Unlock the secrets now!

It is important to consider some of the key marketing strategies when promoting children’s literature.

📚 Get your book into libraries.Parents and educators have faith in institutions that promote valuable titles; having a book from such an institution in the local library is a clear sign of its worth.

🏫 Go on tours at schools (in person or virtually).Why not reach out to your readers directly? Rather than visiting a school in person, consider sending an email to see if they would be open to hosting a virtual event.

Get positive early reviews. “Good reviews” don’t just mean five-star reviews — they also include comments from reputable blogs, sites, or newspapers. If you’re wondering how you can buff up your book’s profile, check out our step-by-step guide on how to get book reviews.

Your carefully crafted children’s book can have a powerful impact on the hearts of young readers all over the world with the right marketing strategies.

In our next article, we will discuss how to seek out the perfect illustrator to make your children’s book truly shine.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I publish a children’s book?

The best way to publish a children’s book is to contact a professional publisher or agent who specializes in children’s books. Alternatively, you can self-publish your book online or through a print-on-demand service.

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How much does it cost to publish a children’s book?

The cost of publishing a children’s book can vary widely depending on the publisher and the type of book you are creating. Generally, traditional publishing houses will require an advance payment and a percentage of the royalties, while self-publishing can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

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What age group is my children’s book targeted at?

The age group of your book will depend on the content and the reading level. Generally, books for young children are aimed at ages 0-8, while books for older children are aimed at ages 8-12.

How do I market my children’s book?

Marketing your children’s book can include creating a website, using social media, setting up book signings and readings, and creating a book trailer. You can also partner with local bookstores and libraries to promote your book.

What do I need to consider when writing a children’s book?

When writing a children’s book you should consider the age group of your target audience, the reading level, and the types of illustrations and fonts that are appropriate for the age group. You should also consider the length of the book and the complexity of the plot.

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