20+ Best Children’s Book Writing Courses Online – Free and Paid

The article about %%Keyword%%, which is currently a popular topic of Kids’ fiction, Is getting a lot of awareness, isn’t it? Today, let’s explore some 20+ Best Children’s Book Writing Courses Online – Free and Paid that you may not know about in this article on https://camilledimaio.com/!

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Discover a collection of more than 20 children’s book writing courses that are both free and paid, created by renowned and published authors, offered by prestigious distance learning providers, and led by experienced tutors. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to write a successful children’s book.

​If your dream is to write a children’s book, you can find an online children’s book writing course, a picture book writing course or children’s book writing workshop to write story books for children from the following list that details free writing classes as well as those that require a fee. There are many writing for children courses, so you can start to write story books for children today! Check out these 20+ best children’s book writing courses online.​​

1. Writing Books for Children with David Walliams

From one of the most well-known and successful children’s authors you will learn all you need to know about writing for children on this course from BBC Maestro. Learn from one of the bestonline courses for writing children’s books.

David Walliams has sold over 40 million books worldwide with hugely popular children’s books, including Gangsta Granny, Mr Stink, The Boy in the Dress, and Grandpa’s Great Escape.

  • Instant access
  • Self-paced
  • 25 lessons
  • 3.5 hours video content
 Website: W

U:There is now a F David Walliams Mini Maestro Writing Course for c,12 video lessons and a fun activity book on writing amazing stories. There is also the opportunity to enter into a prize draw for the chance to “win a lesson with David and an illustrated cover for their masterpiece!”. V


2. R. L. Stine Teaches Writing for Young Audiences

​R.L. Stine is the award-winning author of the Goosebumps and Fear Street series. For all levels of writers, on this online course to write for childrenfrom M you will learn the craft of creating fictional stories for children from an author who has sold over 400 million books.​

Learn how to overcome writer’s block, create storylines, and create suspense that will keep young readers on the edge of their seats. The lessons include ways to come up with ideas, turning ideas into a plot outline, tips on creating plot twists, techniques for writing for various age groups, the secret to writing horror, how to immediately draw in readers, combining horror and comedy, and much more.

  • 28 video lessons
  • Access and start course at any time
  • A self-paced course
  • Courses can be accessed for an annual fee, and the subscription comes with a 30-day guarantee.
Website: R

3. Children’s Books 101: Writing for the Right Age Group – FREE

Learn the key aspects of writing and tailoring your book for its target age range with this FREE online children’s book writing course.

From ReedsyThis course will provide an overview of the children’s book market, highlighting what publishers are searching for in the various age groups. It will also provide guidance on the accepted standards of children’s books across all genres and give valuable tips on increasing your chances of being published.

  • Enroll at any time
  • A 10-day course where each 5-minute lesson is sent via email each day
  • A self-paced course
 Website: C

4. Writing a Children’s Picture Book

Transform your ideas into a children’s story book aimed at 2-6 year olds by learning from successful children’s author David O’Connell on this online writing course from Curtis Brown Creative.

David has written many story books for children including The Revenge of the Invisible GiantThe Chocolate Factory Ghost, and The Dentist of Darkness.

This picture book writing course comprises:

  • Set course start dates
  • 6 weekly modules
  • Flexible study
 Website: W

5. Write Storybooks for Children

Enroll onto this award-winning course if you would like to entertain your own children with your storytelling or become a published children’s author.

This course has gained immense popularity and has earned high ratings from its users. It is accessible by people all across the globe and many of its students have successfully written and published their first children’s books after completing this course.

The aspects of this write story books for children course include:

  • Self-paced course
  • 18 comprehensive modules
  • A certificate of achievement is available on completion
 Website: W

6. Exploring Books for Children: Words and Pictures – FREE 

On this FREE writing for children course from OpenLearn via The Open University you will understand how images communicate to children readers, how pictures and words can either reinforce or contradict each other, what it means to create books for the specific audience of children, and more.
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This online writing course will teach you how authors from Beatrix Potter to Anthony Browne use a combination of text and images in a very effective manner to reach both children and adults.

The aspects of this picture book writing course include:

  • 8 hours study time
  • Level 2: Intermediate level
  • This course can be accessed at any time
  • Self-paced course
  • You can download or print this course to access offline
 Website: E

7. Writing Picture Books for Children

This is a 2-day online workshop where you will be taught by award-winning author Alan Durant via Zoom the key aspects and techniques when writing picture books for 3-7 year olds. This course is provided by The Writer’s Academy at Penguin Random House.​Alan is a bestselling children’s author who has written over 100 books, including Dear Father Christmas,Dear Tooth Fairy,Game Boy, andAlways and Forever.

Features of this children’s book writing workshop include:

  • This picture book writing course has set start dates
  • There are a set number of place numbers available
 Website: W

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8. Writing for Young Readers – FREE

In this FREE online writing course from Alison you will learn about writing structures, plot, language, character, setting, forms, theme, genres, and proofreading.

This course is designed to help novice and aspiring authors learn how to craft stories for young readers. It provides a strong basis in both editing and publication in addition to writing. If you are looking to create fantasy, adventure, modern tales or picture books, this course could be perfect for you.

  • 5-6 hours study time
  • Self-paced course that can be accessed at any time
Website: W

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9. Children’s Writing Courses Online

Various writing courses are available from City Lit which are taught by practicing writers on the art of writing for children and young adults.

This article is being published with information about the current online courses that are available for enrollment. Each course has an associated start date and can be accessed by following the website link.

  • Writing for children: a taster
  • Writing for children: workshop
  • Writing for children
  • Writing for children: advanced
  • Picture book writing
  • Picture book writing: advanced
  • Writing non-fiction for children: a taster
  • How to write a great opening for your children’s book
  • Writing YA fiction: a taster
  • Editing your children’s novel
  • Developing your writing for children
  • Writing children’s poetry
  • Writing middle grade fiction: a taster
  • Plot your children’s novel in two days
  • Writing plays for Young Adults
 Website: C

10. The Craft & Business of Writing Children’s Picture Books

On this fun, interactive e-course from The Children’s Book Academy, you will “learn everything you need to know to write and publish wonderful children’s picture books!”

Students enrolled in this course will gain valuable skills to write a full length picture book story from the beginning, refine an existing story to make it ready for publishing, and create a story that can be illustrated to increase the likelihood of being published.

Features of this picture book writing course include:

  • Students will have the opportunity of submitting their manuscript to an exclusive panel of editors and agents
  • This course has set start dates
  • A 6-week course
 Website: T

11. Writing for Children

From this practical course, students will discover the basic thematic, linguistic, and stylistic aspects that are essential to be successful when writing for children.

This is an online writing for children course from the Dept for Continuing Education at the University of OxfordBy attending this course, you will gain an understanding of the essential knowledge required to compose a children’s book and how to captivate young audiences through relatable writing from experienced professionals.

  • 10-week course
  • This course has set start dates
 Website: W

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12. Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest – FREE 

This is an free online writing course from Coursera which is a “combination of video lectures, online readings, peer reviews, and guest appearances from world-renowned children’s authors”.

Once you sign up for this course, you will learn how to develop effective writing practices, draw from your own experiences to create your writing, explore different perspectives, watch video clips featuring conversations with children’s authors, discover the various genres when writing for young ones, and much more.

  • Approximately 13 hours to complete
  • 4-week course
  • Enroll at any time
  • Click on the “Enroll for Free” box and select the “Full Course, No Certificate” option to undertake this course for free.
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 Website: W

13. Children’s Story Book Writing Diploma

On this accredited children’s book writing course from Reed.co.uk, you will learn everything you need to know about writing a children’s story.

This CPD course will show you the skills other successful children’s writers possess, how to craft an engaging opening page and line, how to write dialogue to help move the story along, and much more.

If you would like to gain a qualification while learning to write story books for children, this online writing course could be the ideal option for you.

  • Self-paced course
  • 13 modules
  • Course will take about 20 hours to complete
 Website: C

14. How to Write, Create and Publish a Stand-Out Children’s Book

If you would like to develop advanced writing skills and become an assured children’s book author, this self-paced and instant access online writing course from Udemy could benefit you. This online course states: “The Ultimate Guide to Writing, Designing, Formatting, Launching and Publishing your Children’s Picture Storybook.”

As per Udemy’s website:

  • You will learn the essential steps and critical elements to write and create your children’s book.
  • Learn how to self-publish your book to Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark
  • You will learn how to create a paperback, hardback and eBook for Free using Canva
  • Learn the book launch basics for when your book goes ‘LIVE’
  • You will learn Canva features and techniques that can be used for creating stunning book covers and interiors
  • Create unique book mock-ups for marketing that are FREE!
Course description: Learn How to Create a Stand-Out Children’s Book

Have you ever dreamed of writing and illustrating your own children’s storybook but don’t know where to begin?

Are you in the early stages of creating children’s books and would like to have a comprehensive guide to the whole process? If so, I can provide you with a step-by-step process from writing and designing the book to formatting and publishing it on Amazon KDP and IngramSpark, two of the most popular publishing platforms.

No matter your financial situation or level of expertise, you will be taught the most important steps in all 8 parts of this class. Moreover, you will receive instruction on how to make physical books, hardbacks, as well as eBooks; this way, you will have multiple opportunities to make some money.

Website: Writing a children’s book can be an incredibly rewarding experience. To create an engaging and stand-out book, there are a few steps that need to be taken. First, it’s important to come up with an idea that will capture the imagination of the reader. Consider the story’s characters, setting, and plot, and think up a theme that will make the story come alive. Once the idea has been established, the writing process can begin. Ensure to use language that is appropriate for the age group the book is aimed at, and that the story will be easy to follow. After the writing is complete, it’s time to create the illustrations. If you don’t have the skills to draw, consider hiring an illustrator to bring your story to life. Lastly, decide if you’d like to self-publish or submit your manuscript to a publisher. By taking these steps, you can create a children’s book that will be both entertaining and educational.

15. Writing Children’s Books: From Idea to Publishing

Study this online writing for children course from Didacton.com where you will learn how to write books for different age groups, how to actualize your ideas, writing the first draft, what makes a successful children’s book, how to find an illustrator, the options to publish your book, and much more. Ideal if you’re looking for awriting children’s books course.

This course offers a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. A writing teacher will be available to offer guidance and provide feedback on tests, as well as to quickly answer any queries. Furthermore, participants will gain access to the most up-to-date version of the children’s book writing course whenever there is an update.

  • 14 lessons
  • Instant access and self-paced course
  • Course takes about 4 months on average to complete
  • Two course fees available: self-tuition option or study with a tutor
  • A certificate of completion is available upon completion for a fee
 Website: W

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16. Write a Children’s Book Part 1

If you would like to learn how to structure your children’s story, create and build tension, and avoid the pitfalls that can make a story “dry up”, this online writing for children course from UK Writers College could help you. This course is aimed at writing for children aged 8-12 years old.

Helen Brain is the tutor of this course. She has a tremendous amount of experience, having been a writer for 25 years and publishing over 60 books for children and young adults. On top of that, she has been teaching creative writing for 11 years. Upon completion of the course, participants will have made a strong start towards a manuscript, having written at least 5,000 words.

  • 7 modules and 7 assignments
  • Instant access and self-paced course (up to a maximum of 8 months)
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 Website: W

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17. Writing for Children – An Introduction

From City Academy this online introduction to writing for children is “a fun and lively online course enabling writers to create picture books for children”.

Students will have the opportunity to use interactive prompts and games to learn how to create captivating stories for children that bring joy and excitement. They will discover techniques for creating age-appropriate content from beginning to end with the help of a professional writer. Plus, the course is designed to be accessible to those who are just starting out.

The features of this picture book writing course include:

  • This course has set start dates
  • The course is either over a 2-week or 2-day period depending on which start date is booked
 Website: W

18. Writing Books for Children Diploma Course

An online certified and accredited writing course from Centre of Excellence which “takes you from a complete beginner in writing and covers the many aspects of publishing, focusing on those all-important writing techniques, right through to how to get an agent and build your author’s platform”.

No matter the age demographic of your intended readers, this course will provide you with the knowledge needed to create books that are tailored for a specific age group. Advice will be given for how to achieve publication, whether it be through a traditional publisher or self-publishing.

  • 14 modules
  • This diploma course will take up to 150 hours to complete
  • There is no time limit for completing this course
  • This course can be started at any time
 Website: W

19. Children’s Writing Course

From Oplex Careers this is an online course aimed at writing for a younger audience. This course states “whether you need to brighten up your CV, want to work in a field related to the different areas of children’s writing discussed in this course, are looking for a career change or just want to learn something new, the online Children’s Writing Course is ideal”.

Exploring the essentials of writing for children can be a rewarding experience. This includes creating characters, building a backstory, and keeping the young reader in mind when crafting the narrative. Additionally, there are other elements to consider when writing for a child audience.

  • Instant access course – start at any time
  • Self-paced (up to 12 months to complete, which can be extended)
  • Approx 70 hours study time
  • 13 modules
  • Full tutor support provided
  • Exam fees are included in the price
  • Level 3 CPD Certificate of Achievement awarded upon completion
 Website: C

20. How to Write a GREAT Children’s Book

On this instant access, self-paced course from Udemy, you will “master the ability to create stories that kids will love with the help of two bestselling authors”.

This writing for children course will help you to become an expert in the children’s writing genre and create high quality children’s fiction. Additionally, you will gain the confidence and knowledge to submit your work to book publishers and to self-publish and sell your books via Amazon, and other outlets.

  • 10 sections, 28 lectures, 1 h 39 mins total course length
  • Self-paced course that can be accessed at any time
Website: H


Now that you have taken the step towards developing your writing for children skills, enrolling in a course with a published author or via a professional distance learning platform will aid in your progress. Making the time to write every day, no matter how brief, and implementing the techniques and advice you learn in the course, will enable you to observe your own growth as a writer. Joining a community of other writers who share your same enthusiasm for writing can be very beneficial in offering advice and feedback. I wish you the best of luck in the next stage of your writing journey!

Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I start writing a children’s book?

To start writing a children’s book, begin by deciding on the genre and age group of the book. Research the market and existing children’s books to get a better understanding of the topics and stories that are popular. Once you’ve decided on the topic and setting, create a detailed outline of your story and the characters. Then, start writing the story and make sure to edit your work to make sure it’s up to standards.

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2. What skills do I need to write a children’s book?

Writing a children’s book requires an understanding of the target age group and their interests. You need to have good storytelling skills and the ability to effectively communicate the story’s themes. You should also have the ability to create vivid characters and descriptions. Additionally, you need to be able to edit your work and have the patience to make sure everything is perfect.

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3. How long does it take to write a children’s book?

It depends on a variety of factors, such as the length of the book, the complexity of the story, and the writing style of the author. Generally, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to write a children’s book.

4. What are the key components of a children’s book?

The key components of a children’s book are a compelling story, vivid characters, strong themes, and a clear message. Additionally, the book should be appropriate for the target age group and should have elements that entertain and engage the reader.

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5. Is it possible to create a children’s book online?

Yes, it is possible to create a children’s book online. There are a variety of online tools and services that can help you create and publish a children’s book. You can also find a variety of online courses that can teach you the skills and techniques needed to write a children’s book.

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