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Have you read Every Vow You Break by Peter Swanson and are looking for spoilers? Want to discuss the ending of the book? Need a plot summary? You are in the right place. Here’s my Spoilers and Discussion Post for Every Vow You Break by Peter Swanson!

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Plot Summary for Every Vow You Break

The Ending of Every Vow You Break

Spoiler Discussion

Book Club Questions for Every Vow You Break

Right her before her wedding, Madeleine spots a guy she’s met before. She nervously avoids him, then gets an email from him asking her to call her wedding off and meet up with him.

Abigail had been to a bachelorette party when she met a man who sparked her interest. After talking to him, she shared the story of how she had met her fiancé, Bruce. It had been at a coffee shop in New York when he had heard of her parents’ financial struggles. Bruce had then proposed to help her out by paying off her student loans, saying he had fallen for her at first sight. Before long, they were engaged.

Madeleine and Scottie, newly acquainted, agreed to use made-up names. Before she married Bruce, Madeleine decided to have one last fling with Scottie.

Just to review: “Madeleine” is actually Abigail and her hook-up is “Scottie.” But Abigail is marrying Bruce.

Abigail and Bruce tied the knot and Bruce arranged a surprise honeymoon for them on a secluded island off the coast of Maine. The island has luxurious lodgings, but no cellular or internet service. Bruce has invested in the resort.

When “Scottie” shows up on the island, Abigail is horrified.She was certain that their relationship was nothing more than a fling and asked him to leave her alone. He insisted that they had a connection and proposed that if she slept with him again, he would prove it to her.

Abigail, in a state of panic, used the resort emergency phone to call her best friend Zoe and asked her to look into “Scottie.” She was desperate for any information that would help her out of her troubling situation. Zoe immediately began her research and promised Abigail that she would find out all she could about the mysterious figure.

Another woman honeymooning on the island, Jill, tells Abigail she also just ran into a man she had a fling with.

Zoe discovers that Scottie’s real name is Eric and that his wife, Madeleine, tragically drowned on their honeymoon.

Abigail attempts to salvage the precarious situation by informing Bruce that she finds Eric to be quite unsettling. She further adds that she believes she spotted him at her bachelorette party, leading her to suspect that he might be stalking her.

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Abigail is horrified when she finds Jill bleeding and hiding in the bushes outside her room late one night. She insists that Bruce call for help, but the resort claims that Jill and her husband have already departed the island. Undeterred, Abigail refuses to believe them and continues to search for her friend.

Abigail tells Bruce she wants to search the island for Jill and then leave.

Bruce informed her they could not leave until the following morning, prompting an argument between them.

Abigail runs into Eric, who confides that Bruce paid him to meet Abigail at the bachelorette party and tempt her into cheating.

Fearing for her safety, Abigail urgently requests to leave the resort and the staff quickly make arrangements for a plane. Eric insists on accompanying her and Bruce on the flight, ensuring her protection. Eric also alleges that Jill was forced off the plane while attempting to flee the island.

It turns out that all the guys are in this together. Abigail is drugged and wakes up next to Jill. Abigail tells Jill she thinks the guys are all playing a game and will kill them.

Alex’s heinous act sends shockwaves throughout the resort, leaving the other men in a state of shock and dismay. Abigail, however, is relieved to have escaped the madness and finds refuge in the closet of her cabin. With the help of some scavenged food, she survives the night in hiding. In the morning, Abigail emerges to find that the resort is deserted. Alex and the other men have fled, leaving her alone with her thoughts and the guilt of what had happened. The tragic events of the previous night have left Abigail shaken and desperate for a way out of the resort. She must find a way to survive and make it out alive. With her wits and what little food she has left, Abigail embarks on a journey to safety and freedom. Along the way, she encounters various obstacles, but her determination and will to survive keep her going. Eventually, Abigail finds her way out of the resort and freedom.

Bruce returned to the room, and after he had fallen asleep, she unsheathed her knife and stabbed him. Desperate to escape, she stole a kayak and a gun. However, Eric managed to find her and she was forced to fire her weapon. She managed to get the kayak into the water and, after a grueling night of paddling, she eventually made it to shore where she immediately called emergency services.

The men were part of a fidelity cult that lured cheating women to the island to punish them. This was a strange scenario for me to comprehend. The cultists believed that unfaithfulness was a punishable offense and that the women needed to be taught a lesson. They brought the women to the island in order to exact their retribution. The whole ordeal seemed strange and out of the ordinary.

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I mean, I don’t believe in cheating, but proposing to someone you just met, then hiring someone to try to trap them into cheating, then going ahead with the wedding so you can then punish and kill them is … weird.It’s no secret that too much work can be overwhelming. It’s true that ten mistakes don’t amount to one good outcome. That’s a lesson that applies in many scenarios.

Abigail was a great character and I liked her.She had a whirlwind romance that led to an engagement, only to be betrayed by her fiance. But she chose to take a chance and move forward with marriage anyway. Nobody is perfect after all!

I thought this book would be focused on the stalker trying to ruin Abigail’s life, but I was completely wrong.

I was delighted to discover the unexpected twists and turns in the book, particularly the revelation that Bruce had hired Eric to put Abigail’s loyalty to the test. This plot twist certainly made for an interesting read.

But where the book lost me was the whole “fidelity cult,” which seemed really out-there to me. I did notice the absence of women on the island right away, and I wonder if other female readers did too.

Are you looking to get your book club discussions off to a great start? Here are some ideas to help you get the conversation going. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below. Do you have an overall opinion of the book? What themes or topics did the book explore? What did you think of the characters in the book? Did the book have a positive or negative message? What did you like or dislike about the book? What did you learn from the book? Are there any characters you can relate to or feel connected to? What would you have done differently if you had written the book? Do you think the author did a good job of telling the story? What did you think of the ending of the book? What other books or authors might you compare the book to?

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  2. Gender stereotypes play a prominent role in the book, as many of the characters struggle to break free from traditional roles assigned to them based on their gender. The protagonist, Joe, is a young boy who is expected to conform to traditional gender roles. His father is a staunch believer in the traditional roles of men and women, and thus expects Joe to behave in a certain manner. However, Joe is determined to break away from these expectations and find his own path in life. At the same time, Joe’s mother is also determined to break out of traditional gender stereotypes. She is an independent and strong woman, who is determined to make her own decisions and do what she thinks is right. She is particularly determined to ensure that Joe is given the same opportunities as other children, regardless of his gender. Joe’s friend, Jack, is also determined to break free from traditional gender roles. He finds himself in a difficult situation, as he is often seen as a boy who is too feminine and not masculine enough. Jack is determined to reject these gender roles and be his own person. Throughout the book, Joe, his mother, and Jack struggle to break away from traditional gender roles. They all strive to find their own individual paths, despite the expectations that are placed upon them. In the end, Joe and his mother are able to break free from traditional gender stereotypes and find their own paths in life. Jack is also able to achieve his own level of success and acceptance. By rejecting traditional gender roles, all the characters in the book are able to achieve their own sense of independence and self-determination.
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  4. How /where does Every Vow You BreakDoes your thriller fit into the thrilling genre of modern gothic and female-centric feminist domestic thrillers? In recent years, these subgenres have become increasingly popular. How does your work fit into this new trend? Rewrite your text to emphasize the thrilling elements of your work and to join the growing conversation of female-centric feminist thrillers. Be sure to correct any typos and HTML syntax, and to structure the text in the active voice.
  5. In their review, T points out that Every Vow You Break has parallels to fantasy-horror books like R, a 1968 book that some have argued reflected cultural anxieties of the time over feminism and women’s rights. Do you think the horror elements in Every Vow You Break
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What did you think of Every Vow You Break?

What are your thoughts? Our discussions are lively and friendly and all opinions are welcome.  Be sure to leave a comment and (IMPORTANT) if you want to be notified of my (and other readers’ responses to your comments, subscribe to comment replies.Click the bell icon next to the comment box and enter your email address to subscribe to the replies to your comment. You can unsubscribe at any time! Make sure your HTML syntax is correct and that the sentence is written in active voice. Additionally, double check for any typos and grammar issues.

What’s the Best Book by Peter Swanson?

After reading through the reviews, crunching the numbers, and asking you for your opinion, I have come to a conclusion. It appears that the book is generally well-liked and is likely to be a success. Many of the reviews were positive and those who disliked it had valid criticisms that could possibly be addressed in future editions. It is clear that the book is well-written and enjoyable. With this in mind, I believe it is likely to be a success.

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