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Cradle is such an amazing series and Dreadgod is no exception. I love this series and had to do an incoherent dump of my current thoughts on the series after finishing Dreadgod.
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In case you missed it, W is up on Amazon in Kindle and paperback! We announced it on our other social media platforms, but I didn’t realize we’d need another blog post so fast. Amazon really got the book up quickly this time.

And try to keep big spoilers out of the comments, if you don’t mind. A lot of people haven’t finished the book yet, and audiobook listeners aren’t going to get it until tomorrow.



TL;DR – Ebook pre-orders for W have been canceled, and Amazon says there’s nothing they can do about it.

Audiobook pre-orders are unaffected.

I woke up this morning to a phone call that Waybound was down on the Kindle Store and people were getting messages that their pre-orders had been canceled.

After talking to a senior support specialist at Kindle and checking with our team members, we think it’s OUR FAULT. We had uploaded a manuscript and we had multiple people check it, to the point of going through it page-by-page to make sure there was nothing wrong.

But there was a final step we were supposed to complete, and our team member didn’t know that. When something like that happens, Amazon automatically removes the file 72 hours before the listed release date.

We have calls out to different people at Amazon, and we’re hoping they know a secret way to reverse all this. If we hear from them, I’ll let you know immediately.

If we don’t, we’ll be uploading the book manually. In that case, it’ll come out on time or a little earlier, but it won’t be exactly at midnight in your region like the pre-order would have been. Which is one of the major reasons why we did pre-orders in the first place.

FAQ:Does this affect audiobooks or paperbacks?It does not! Only the ebook pre-order was affected. Audible pre-orders are completely separate, and in fact you can still pre-order through Audible, and paperbacks didn’t have a pre-order process so they’re still unchanged.

If I pre-ordered the book, will I get it?Right now, it looks like you will not. You won’t be charged either–the entire thing was canceled. So unless we hear from someone at Kindle who knows the forbidden magic to get it back up, pre-orders are dead.

Is W still coming out on June 6th?Yes. I will do everything I can to make sure it is available on or before the 6th.

I’m very sorry.That’s not a question, but I am sorry. We’ve been doing pre-orders to p problems like this, so there won’t be any errors in the upload process, and there still was.

This is our biggest release ever, both for me and for you guys, and to let you down on this one is absolutely devastating. I’m sorry, and I still hope we can fix it.



Ten years ago today, historians generally agree, I releasedHon Kindle. The actual date is somewhat disputed by the academic community. Some sources recordHrelease date as the second of June instead of the first, but these are lies intended to defame my good name. I uploaded the manuscript on the first of June, Anno Domini Two Thousand and Thirteen, but it took Amazon some hours to build the book’s landing page correctly. By the time I had made my first sale, it was already June the second. But it was June first on which I published a book for the first time. Seriously though, it’s hard to believe it’s been ten years. Even harder to believe that Cradle is about to turn seven. I feel like there have been three major eras in my writing career so far: the Traveler’s Gate era, the Elder Empire era, and the Cradle era. Going by feel, I would say that the Cradle era was about half. As in, five years for Traveler’s Gate and Elder Empire (at least, the first four books of EE) and five years for Cradle. But it’s actually 7 years for Cradle and 3 for the others. That doesn’t sound like that much of a difference, but it feels weird for me. 70% of my writing life has been focused on Cradle, and now it’s about to come to an end. Crazy times. As you’d expect, my family and I have been reminiscing about the last ten years during our nightly mind-melds, and we have a lot to be thankful for. I would describe our overall emotional reaction as “Overwhelming gratitude.” We wanted to thank you, so we’re doing what we can, but it’s hard to beat you guys. Yesterday, we gave away about 485,000 ebooks for free. We’ve done this kind of giveaway three times in the past (we’ve done a lot more giveaways than that, but only three of these big ones). Yesterday, more people got more free books than in all those other three giveaways combined. You know why? Because of you. You all push these books so hard we’re giving more and more away each time. You’d think we would run out of people by now. You fans are great. Not only are you the reason why I’ve been able to keep writing for so long, but it’s you all enjoying the books that makes the journey fun. The lengths you’ll go to get people to read Cradle truly astonish me. I thought firing paperback copies ofUthrough people’s windows with a T-shirt cannon was a little much, but it was when you rented an airplane and began raining copies from the sky that I started to wonder if you’d gone too far.  Thanks for making it a great ten years! Especially those of you who have been fans from the beginning. I don’t know how you found me duringHor why you stuck with me for so long, but some of you were there from the very beginning. Special shout-out to you, for having patience with me for ten years. The main thing we have going on this week, of course, is the release of Waybound in less than a week! But to celebrate that, we also commissioned a sort-of-but-not-quite-recapcomic of the Cradle series so far, illustrated by u/meadblossom* (who did the Reaper comic too). I say it’s not quite a recap because it doesn’t really summarize the story. It’s more like a selection of highlight moments fromUall the way throughD. Some of the coolest scenes, or just Sam’s favorites, illustrated and strung together for your enjoyment.
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(This hardly needs to be said, but SPOILER WARNING for all of Cradle so far, U through D. Nothing from W in here, but you know, it’s a comic of all the series highlights. If you haven’t read the series, there will be spoilers. Also, it won’t make a ton of sense to you.) Read the comic here! You’ll hear from me again before W—and we’ll have my usual pre-release stream on YouTube this Sunday night at 6 PM Eastern—but I’m looking forward to your reactions! I hope the finale to Cradle lives up to your expectations, and that you’ll continue on this journey with me to T and beyond. For ten whole years, thanks for reading! -Will *(That’s her Reddit username. Also find her at @bloomejasmine on Instagram and @keithbday on Twitter.)



For today only, all my ebooks are freeon Amazon!

Here’s a tip: if you have the ebook, you get the audiobook for a much-reduced price, usually only like $2 or $3. Since the ebooks are free today, here’s your chance to get the audiobook for almost-but-not-quite-free.

FAQ: –They ARE available in other regions, you just have to go to your regional Amazon site.–All the ebooks are free except the collections, but that’s still every individual novel I’ve written.–Will, where have you been? Why have you forsaken us in our hour of need?

I’m sorry you had to fight all those hell-beasts on your own, but my sword was needed elsewhere. I will blog more fully tomorrow, on the ten-year anniversary/p>



A big, planet-sized thank-you to all of you who have already checked out TWe really had no idea what to expect from this book launch. As I’ve mentioned before, this is the first series I’ve started since U in 2016, and I didn’t know how many people would be interested in reading something new that’s so different from Cradle.
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But tons of you read it, the reviews are better than I expected, and all the discussion on Discord and Reddit has been incredible to see.

I know it’s a risk checking out a new series, even from an author you like. I salute you, brave explorers, boldly going where there are no Amazon reviews to guide you.

You all are awesome. So many of you read the story that we got up to #12 on the Kindle Store, which is insane for any first book.

I know it’s only been out a couple of days, so most of you probably haven’t read it yet, but m of you have. I hope you enjoyed it, but thanks for giving it a shot either way!

I look forward to seeing you all in space again soon…but first, of course, we have to finish things up in Cradle.



T is now availableas an ebook!Andas an audiobook!And NOT as a paperback for some reason! Amazon needs to hurry it up!

In some other regions, the paperback i/p>

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book! Some intrepid readers, or those from future time zones, have already finished.



Tis coming out on Tuesday!

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s already almost April. My writing schedule has been insane so far this year. It feels like this is the first time I poked my head out of my Writing Cave, and it’s already the end of March and there’s a book coming out next week.

Pre-order T here! Or on audiobook right here! (Unless you’re in a different region that can’t use the Amazon.com domain, in which case you’ll have to find it yourself because there’s no way I can list the individual links to all the regions.)

Also, we’ll be doing a release stream (as usual) this Sunday night at 6 PM Eastern.

Since this is a new series and not Cradle, I know there won’t be as many questions about the story, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done a livestream. I’ll probably just hang out for an hour or so and talk about whatever, but I won’t be giving out spoiler answers for either Cradle or the new series, The Last Horizon.

Let’s keep the spoiler questions to a minimum to avoid angering Gnar’lak’tha, Spirit Guardian of Spoilers. Her seven beaked maws rend bone as easily as flesh.

Speaking of Gnar’lak’tha, I have some completely spoiler-FREE/p>

About a year ago now, I promised that if our Kickstarter hit a certain level of support I would write scenes for U, S, and B that c/p>

Nothing crazy, just an extra 1-2k words of new content per book. Getting to see the old characters again.

“Spoiler-free” in this case means that they take place inside the books and don’t require any knowledge from future books. So as long as you’ve read to the indicated point in Books 1, 2, or 3, you’re good to go.

I started working on these last week, and the first two spoiler-free scenes are done! Links are at the bottom of this blog, and the scenes will also be sent out as Kickstarter updates to everyone who backed that.

Of course, as those of you who backed the Kickstarter might remember, I also promised “a spoiler scene or two,” meaning a scene s but that r. The most recent book, as of the Kickstarter’s publication, was R.

If you’ve read R/p>

So yeah, those aren’t quite ready yet, but we’ll have the third spoiler-free scene and the two SPOILER SCENES THAT YOU DEFINITELY SHOULDN’T READ UNLESS YOU’VE READ R/p>

Right now, just a couple of simple scenes set during U and S

U spoiler-FREE bonus scene right here!S spoiler-FREE bonus scene right here! 



If you haven’t already, watch the announcement video here!

So anyway, T Book 1 of a new series I’m calling “The Last Horizon,” is coming on April 4th! For those of you whose concept of time is as warped as mine, that’s only a month away!

“To survive in this galaxy, you need a wand in one hand and a gun in the other.”

On a little-known planet, Archmage Varic Vallenar casts a grand spell to empower himself with the magical abilities of his alternate selves. The ritual works too well, granting Varic not only the magic but also the memories from six lives.


Now, Varic has power greater than any wizard in galactic history, but he knows that won’t be enough. The enemies he faced in those alternate lives were apocalyptic in scale. Terrors of technology and magic. Nothing that he, or anyone, can defeat.

Sun-eating extra-dimensional insects, shadowy secret organizations, genetically enhanced alien super-soldiers, ruthless megacorporations, and hordes of cyborg undead all lurk in the darkest corners of the galaxy, and Varic knows that any of them can become a world-ending threat at any moment.

All these are beyond any wizard, no matter how many spells he’s mastered or how many interstellar warships he’s rallied to his cause. Hopeless, Varic finds himself trying to preserve what little he can from the coming doom.

Until he hears rumors of a mythical starship, an invincible vessel of heroes made to do battle against galactic threats.​A

The pre-order begins on March 21st! So, if you’re American, we blast off on 3/21!
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If you count your dates 21/3, then that cute little coincidence will mean nothing to you.

As always, this will be a simultaneous release in ALL FORMATS, so ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

Whenever I say this, people still ask me about the audiobook, so I’m going to preemptively say it again: the audiobook will be coming out on the same day!

We always do it that way because we love you all and because spoilers cause chaos and suffering.

More importantly, Travis Baldree will be narrating/p>

Another cool thing:ComicBook.com did an interview with mea few days ago that they released today! 

I posted the cover art everywhere BUT here, because I don’t want this already-long blog to take up the entire page, but we had a great time working with the artist: Simon Carr,

And that’s about all I have to announce! I hope you all enjoy T/p>

P.S. W



EDIT: Hey, I learned something! This is NOT limited to the US. Details below.

Often, I have people ask me how they can help support the books besides buying them. People also ask “How can I support you without supporting Amazon?”

Thanks to the success of the Kickstarter, we were able to fund a print run of trade paperbacks and trade hardcovers of U, S, and B to replace our print-on-demand paperbacks that were only really available via Amazon.

Currently, they are available for pre-order online from Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Walmart, and Target.

However, this isn’t a guarantee that they will end up on bookshelves in a real store. It’s only a guarantee that you can buy them online.

Ingram (the book distributor) has to go “sell” new titles to the stores to get them to carry our books in physical stores. They have told us that the BEST way to increase the chances of them getting in stores is having a strong pre-order.

The more people who pre-order the paperback books, the more likely bookstores are to actually stock them.

Now, I want to get into bookstores because A.) it would be very cool, since I love bookstores, and B.) because there are still people who only read books that they bought in person. There might be a whole new audience out there who would enjoy Cradle.

TL;DR – If we sell a bunch of online pre-orders for the paperbacks, bookstores will put them on shelves.

So if you wanted sets of physical books that aren’t from Amazon (and you missed the Kickstarter), good news! This would be a great time to order them.

Having said all this, don’t feel any pressure from me to buy the books if you don’t want to. I’m telling you all this because I know some of you would want to know.

For real, you reading the books is already more support than I deserve. But if you w to see the Cradle series on Barnes and Noble shelves, this is the way to make that happen.

I didn’t know almost anything about how this worked until, like, today. This territory is as uncharted for me as it is for you.

1.) This doesn’t affect the books you got through the Kickstarter. You’re getting those regardless. Different set of books; Kickstarter books are still on their way, don’t worry.

2.) If you pre-order books through any of the above retailers, you ARE buying the books normally. You’ll get books.

Thanks for hearing me out! I feel awkward for even bringing this up,  but when Ingram brought this to our attention, I knew I should say something.

*EDIT: Turns out, this list is not exhaustive. The books are available for online pre-order from many booksellers, including those outside the United States.

Here’s the link for Waterstone in the UK, and if none of these stores ship to you, odds are the books are still available from a store that does! Unfortunately, I can’t link every  bookstore site in the world.

Not until my powers reach their peak.



Whew, I almost missed posting a blog for this month. I can’t believe it’s been a whole month. It feels like we’re still in the middle of 2022, and yet we’re 1/12 through with 2023 already.

Just wait until 3023, when the Chronobots will make every day feel like a year of servitude.

I’m still working on wrapping up both books! That’s taking a while, longer than I thought it would, but W/p>

At least, completion of this draft. W/p>

That’s really all I’ve been doing for the last…I’m not sure, it feels like about six hundred years? Maybe the Chronobots got to me early.

I haven’t even finished playing through God of War: Ragnarok, and that should tell you how busy I’ve been.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me! We have a lot of stuff coming in 2023. So much that I regularly wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and feverishly sweating.

Although that might have less to do with our planned schedule and more to do with my hellish visions of a robotic future.



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